Japanese Special Rasps

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Japanese Special Rasps
Cuts fast and never clogs
49W02.01 Japanese Two-Sided Rasp

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49W02.02 Repl Blade Japanese Rasp

In stock


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This special reversible tool has a working surface 10 long and is 1-1/2" wide at its widest point. It tapers to allow access in narrow spaces. One side is coarse and the other smooth cut. The unique second handle in the front makes it very easy to use.

It can be used to equal effect on plastics and soft metal as well as wood. The cutting action is fast and clean, and is smoother than the familiar Surform tools found here.

Made In Japan.

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Overall Rating
  • Solid Performance

    Monkit, 10/2/2013 I can't understand why this item was put on clearance. This is a fantastic tool. Never gets clogged up and makes short work of planing and shaping wood and composite materials. I thought that the top knob handle might end up just getting in my way but instead, it gives you wonderful stability and control of the tool. I'm glad I purchased the replacement blade as well, because I want this tool around as long as I'm still around. :)
  • Made My Day Easy

    Charlie, 9/2/2013 Bought this a few years ago. Today it came in very handy. We ripped up carpeting and found bumps in the pressboard underlayment, (Prior owner's dog pee spots). I was about to get out a sander and hated the idea of dust all around. Pulled out my rasp. No dust, no fuss, easy clean up...Saved my day.
  • Straight Handle Better

    Al , 10/28/2009 These are top quality tools -- I own 8 of the similar straight handled model which I find much more useful than this raised handle version that I figure is for the rare job of working in the middle of a panel.
  • Very nice.

    John Yannacci, 9/4/2009 This tool will do everything that you expect it to do. It is comfortable in the hand and removes stock at a swift pace. It is so well made and the price is very good for all that you get. Recommended.
  • Bonsai!

    Peter, 7/11/2009 I have had this rasp for a few years and have found it to be extremely useful on numerous occasions. Worth having in the shop and toolbox. Remember to keep the teeth protected if you keep it in your toolbox and it should last a long time. The coarse side is quite aggressive and will remove material at a surprising pace with surprising smoothness and the fine works slower and produces the equivalent to 100 grit sandpaper, or smoother, depending on the material.
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