Japanese Wide Garden Hoe

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Japanese Wide Garden Hoe
Its 9" wide blade is "unusually deep"
06A03.04 Japanese Wide Garden Hoe

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The hardwood handle of this Japanese garden hoe is 40" long. The wide blade has a very large surface area of over 36 sq in - giving you an easy ability to push around a lot of loose soil. This may not sound like a big deal but if the soil is well prepared you will be able to work much faster than you could with a tool with a reduced surface area. It's a very good tool.

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Overall Rating
  • Good hoe

    SARAH DANGELO, 6/8/2020 Love the blade and size. Don't like the short handle. I may switch it out.
  • Quality

    RickRisch, 6/7/2020 Well made, great design, makes job easier.
  • Japanese Hoe

    Ellsworth Evarts, 4/12/2020 Great weeding tool and mixing materials in our wheelbarrow.
  • Great Hoe

    Jane Keithley , 3/22/2019 This hoe was exactly what I needed. It is light weight and easy to handle. Dealing with Garrett Wade was easy and a pleasure.
  • Big, Bad Hoe

    William D. Adams, 5/6/2017 I also found the handle to be a bit short but the hoe blade will do some serious damage to weeds. I may replace the handle in the off season but for now with this hoe and my scuffle hoe--weeds fear me!
  • Japanese wide hoe

    Julie Christian, 6/26/2016 When I ordered this hoe, i was told it was on back order and it would be 3 weeks until I received it. In my initial review, I told them that I really needed it sooner. Imagine my happy surprise when I received it within a week! It is a wonderful tool and saves me so much time in my huge garden. Thank you all for your quick response!
  • Sharp & Light

    Brian, 6/11/2014 Extra wide, light, & sharp tool makes work very easy. An even longer handle would be great. I have no issues when using this great tool.
  • Garden Tools

    Lynn Andrews, 4/16/2014 I am never disappointed in what I order from Garrett Wade. I just received the two garden tools which I ordered and of course I had to try them out immediately. They are WONDERFUL. Great to have tools that are so sharp and make the idiocy of picking up small weeds such an easy job. Nice and sharp and great design. Being of a older type person.....I need all the help I can get and these are just two more of the fabulous tools you sell. My favs are still my beautiful folding scissors from France. I have given these scissors to about 6 good people who really deserved something nice in their lives. Ah perfection .....as always from Garrett Wade. I thank you very much.
  • Long Handled?

    Joe Schuttert, 7/29/2013 The design of the hoe is great, saves me a lot of time keeping my 200 plant Dahlia garden weed free. I found the 40 handle to be too short. I went to a millwork shop and got an 84" length of poplar and made a new handle. I planed to cut it to the proper length after I used it for a while. For me the 7' handle works great. I can weed standing straight up. "
  • Weeds be Gone

    Bob Parker, 6/22/2013 We have a lot of weeds on our property in the spring. We spray, and then get down on our hands and knees to cut off the remains. This tool lets me do the second step standing up, saving the knees and pants. The only issue with Japanese tools is that usually they are not stainless, so you have to be careful about storing them.
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