Rare Japanese Woodworker's Craft and Whittling Knife

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Rare Japanese Woodworker's Craft and Whittling Knife
3-layer, laminated steel blade
36J02.21 Japanese Woodworker's Crafting Knife

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This is a traditional craft knife, specially designed to give you total control for carving wood. It has a long 4" handle and relatively short, 2½" blade, so that you can get closer to your work, allowing greater control. The handle is wrapped in woven cord, serving both aesthetic and ergonomic purposes. The blade is made of three layers of laminated steel. Features single-piece construction (full tang). A generous bolster keeps your fingers on the handle as you work. 6½" overall, the blade is very sharp. It’s a lovely tool.Completely hand made.

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  • A True Wood Carving Knife

    Rogelio Rendon, 5/23/2020 At first I was a little worried about purchasing this because as a wood carver/whittler, I have purchased knives that were labeled as "wood carving/whittling" knives when they were absolutely not suitable for that This knife is a true wood carving knife. It is a double bevel knife, came EXTREMELY sharp right out of the box, and it is simply beautiful. It is perfect for the small wooden figurines I make. It is quite honestly my new favorite knife, and I have used A LOT of knives.
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