Japanese Woodworking Detail Trim Saw

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Japanese Woodworking Detail Trim Saw
24T05.06 Japanese Woodworking Detail Trim Saw

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The Japanese Detail Trim Saw is essentially a very small keyhole saw. The fine tooth pattern and narrow (5/16") tapered blade is 5" long and has 13 tpi with minimal set. This results in extremely smooth, precise cuts in even the hardest to reach spots, as well as an extremely fine kerf. An excellent, highly functional detail saw for carvers, turners, modelers and patternmakers, it is unsurpassed at getting between crowded dovetails for final fit & trim. With a handsome Oak handle. Overall length, 10"; weight, 1 oz.

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Overall Rating
  • A Must Have for the shop

    Kevin Garrett, 1/11/2021 Its lightweight, its very sharp, and really accurate. I was surprised by its size at first but its extremely maneuverable.
  • Just the right size.

    Suzanne, 8/5/2020 I needed a small hand saw to cut the top of gourds off. Something that would bend slightly in the curve of the top This saw is perfect. Very sharp and just the right size. So glad I found this web site.
  • Great keyhole saw

    Ruby Fogg, 7/10/2020 Exactly what I needed. Cuts beautifully. Light and easy to use. I should have bought the set of saws.
  • Trim Saw

    Dennis, 6/7/2020 Perfect! very satisfied.
  • Detail Trim Saw

    Ron Griswold, 2/16/2019 Appears to be a quality tool... perfect for removing excess wood on carving projects
  • Keyhole saw

    Karl, 10/18/2018 VERY sharp, aggressive teeth; perfect for quick, small cuts
  • Perfect size for a smaller tool box.

    Philip, 6/26/2017 Nice Size. SHARP Japanese Stroke teeth. I was just getting ready to replace a slightly larger Pull Stroke saw, when I saw this size. It fits my "Down Sizing" Plan, I am no longer a Contractor, I am just a wood worker who Retired to do smaller Stuff, In Wood.
  • Now I'm Happy

    Anthony Janflone, 5/11/2016 It took me a while to get used to the aggressive cut because the blade is so thin. Now I've figured out what I was doing wrong and I love it!!
  • Awesome for dovetail cleanup

    Brian, 4/10/2016 Just an excellent saw. It is a joy to use. After using a coping saw to remove the majority of the waste, this saw is fast to cleanup the rest.
  • Love It

    Pia, 7/10/2015 It is not a universal saw due to it size. But when you want to saw a small piece of work or in critical area, it takes care of the job.
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