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Jumbo Tape Dispenser
$ 129.95
We all know just how hard it is to use that thin plastic tape to seal up things for storage, or to prepare packages for UPS or the post office. It's so tricky to pull the right length off the roll, or to keep it from folding back onto itself and sticking while not losing control of the end of the roll. Those self-dispensing rolls you can get locally never seem to work very well, either.

What we all need is a proper dispenser that fits the standard 3" rolls and has the weight and frame to stay put when you pull a length off, leaving the loose end at the ready for the next pull. This tool from Japan is the best we have seen. It's solid (5 lbs.), well made, and will obviously last forever. It's not cheap, but very little in life that's really good is. You'll love it.

Made in Japan.
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