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We all know just how hard it is to use that thin plastic tape to seal up things for storage, or to prepare packages for UPS or the post office. It's so tricky to pull the right length off the roll, or to keep it from folding back onto itself and sticking while not losing control of the end of the roll. Those self-dispensing rolls you can get locally never seem to work very well, either.

What we all need is a proper dispenser that fits the standard 3" rolls and has the weight and frame to stay put when you pull a length off, leaving the loose end at the ready for the next pull. This tool from Japan is the best we have seen. It's solid (5 lbs.), well made, and will obviously last forever. It's not cheap, but very little in life that's really good is. You'll love it.

Made in Japan.

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  • Great tool

    Debbie, 4/15/2018 Hefty, well-made tool that works well. No more of the cheap plastic troublesome packing tape hand held dispenser!
  • Beautifully designed Japanese Jumbo Tape Dispenser

    Doris Purdy, 3/30/2017 What quality-- this is a fantastic shipping tape dispenser! I can use it with one hand and it stays in place. It makes a clean cut as I am shipping out orders to customers. I take packaging our product very seriously and this has solved the sliding tape dispenser challenge and I no longer to pre-cut pieces of tape and stick them on the counter edge so I could multi task. Thank you Garrett Wade.
  • A MUST For The Kitchen

    Bill Floyd, 4/13/2015 I purchased this tape dispenser about eight years ago. It is mounted to the wall in my kitchen filled with blue painter's tape. Resealing a bag of (chips, coffee, sugar, flour, etc.) is just an arm's length away". Since purchasing this dispenser, tape has become a valuable tool in my kitchen. Moreover, the uses for painters tape around the house are endless...it is always at the ready. Extremely well made....mount it on the wall!!! Worth every damn cent!"
  • Useful, but!

    Bob Doyle, 1/16/2015 Received this Jumbo tape dispenser today. I've been sitting here trying to rationalize what makes this worth around 115 bucks, and the rational to spend 115 bucks on it. I keep coming up with nothing in both departments! It is impressive for sure, over-engineered and pricey. Well made for doubly sure. Still, you'd have to wonder why the cost. I'm trying honestly, but I guess it comes down to its use. I reckon if you live by doing a lot of packages you have a better understanding of what is involved in its conception. I AM KEEPING IT. If for no other reason than to use it as a conversation piece. With the hope It grows on me as a tool for $115 that has a place somewhere in my home. I'd suggest that this is more for a business than the average homeowner, unless you have money to burn.
  • Spectacular piece

    Brendan Hasenstab, 11/20/2011 This summer, I had to move twice due to a renovation project, and let me tell you, this jumbo tape dispenser was absolutely a godsend. With a typical tape gun, I tend to lose probably 5% of each roll. With this tool, I maybe lost two pieces -- over the life of three big rolls of tape. It's made of heavy steel, and can be used to hold boxes closed while you prepare a length of tape. It's not loud. Yes, it is a bit expensive. But so is any fine watch, car, tool, etc. If you have a lot of packing or shipping to do, I heartily recommend this product.
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