Junior Garden Fork and Trowel

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Sale Junior Garden Fork and Trowel
Real Tools for Kids – Built to Last
69A01.34 Jr. Trowel

Available 01/20/2021


69A01.35 Jr. Hand Fork

Available 01/20/2021


69A01.70 Both Junior Gardening Tools

Available 01/20/2021

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Introduce your children to the joy of gardening with real tools, that are scaled down for smaller hands. These are not toys; they will handle all the gardening tasks that larger tools can. Unlike most garden tools sold for kids, these are hardworking and high quality. This Garden Fork and Garden Trowel from Holland are tough enough to withstand your child's enthusiasm and energy. Can also be used by those who simply prefer smaller tools. Great, too, for indoor gardening where you might have smaller pots or beds. Ash handles and forged steel heads. Grandparents: keep a set around for when the grandkids come to visit and put them to work!

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