Kell British-Made Deluxe Honing Guides

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Kell British-Made Deluxe Honing Guides
Serious craftsman will find it indispensable
62J02.12 Standard British Honing Guide

Available 12/31/2020


62J02.14 Long British Honing Guide

Available 12/31/2020


62J02.50 Honing Guide Replacement Rollers

Available 12/31/2020

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This has the best overall construction of any honing guide we've seen. It is made of two solid turned brass bobbins, each fitted with a Delrin roller, running on solid stainless steel guide rods. A threaded rod through the center is used to tighten the bobbins to the side of your chisel using a solid brass knob.

Uniquely, you can mount the chisel under the guide bars, as well as above them. This simple innovation makes it possible to accurately hone very short chisels, very narrow chisels, and chisels with extremely long primary bevels. All are nearly impossible to hold in most other honing guides. And, because the rollers are outboard of the chisel, the jig will not rock as you hone.

Made primarily for chisels that are from 1/32 to 1-1/8" wide, the Standard Guide (pictured) is not generally for wide plane blades. The Long Guide can hold blades up to 2-5/8" wide, however. Made In Great Britain.

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Overall Rating
  • Best guide for price

    Andrew Konopitski, 5/3/2020 I'd been using a budget eclipse style honing guide for some time and was getting results to match the price. While I could achieve a sharp edge with the cheap lining guide, it was nearly impossible to get a square edge and to sharpen repeatably.

    After researching guides from major brands like Lie-Nelson and Veritas, I felt like they all had major flaws which couldn't justify the price. This guide is half the price of so-called "premium" guides and does not have ANY of the drawbacks. Here are the main advantages:

    -Side clamping gives a guaranteed square cutting edge every time
    -Polycarbonate disks allow for a secure hold without requiring a wrench or screwdriver
    -Two wheels means that the guide can't lean to one side or another
    -Cheap and easily replaceable parts if they ever wear out
    -Can clamp everything from a 1/4 inch chisel to a 2 5/8 inch plane blade with no modifications (assuming you purchase the larger model)
    -Achieving accurate and repeatable honing angle is fairly easily compares to other gauges

    The only drawbacks would be:

    -Because the guide wheels are outside the blade/chisel, one might need a larger honing surface when sharpening larger blades (i.e. trying to sharpen a 2 5/8" wide blade on a 3" wide sharpening stone)
    -Have not figured out a way to make a jig to get a repeatable blade projection (this is kind of a mute point as measuring blade projection is fairly simple with this design)

    Simply put, would not hesitate to purchase this honing guide again. Easily the best on the market with no contest.
  • Get past the cost and you'll never need to try another honing gimmick THIS IS THE REAL DEAL

    David Dupuis, 6/15/2019 If you're consdering purchasing this and feel anything like I did about the price of this honing guide it hardly seems worth the price. However, once you accept it and take the plunge and recieve it, you'll be blown away by it quality craftsmanship and ease to perform replicated sharpening results each and every time with even the narrowest of chisels. Just to put it clearly, I'm saving for the larger one now to do my plane irons with. It's a great tool and saves a lot of time and aggravation.
  • Best honing guide I've found. Period.

    OffGrid9, 1/15/2019 I rated the Kell guides as 5-star. Both #1 and #2. However, I'd rate Garrett Wade lower. Richard Kell does still offer the #2 guide with smaller rollers made of Ertalyte (a softer polyethelene, PET-P) but only as a special order item. Since August 2013 the #2 guides have come standard with much larger and harder rollers made of ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) PE rollers. The larger rollers make it much easier to precisely control the angle of the honed bevel.

    To my surprise, the #2 guide I ordered from GW came with the small Ertalyte rollers. Maybe new old stock? ...VERY old stock? In addition, GW doesn't even offer the "retrofit kit" to upgrade to the larger rollerls -- I had to go to another source for that kit, which made my total outlay well over $100. I am not happy about that.

    Also, there are a couple of errors in the GW description -- (a) they refer to the smaller rollers as "Delrin" -- to the best of my knowledge, Kell never used Dupont Delrin rollers, the smaller rollers were always Ertalyte; (b) the description says " can mount the chisel under the guide bars, as well as above them" -- none of the literature from Kell mentions mounting a chisel or plane-iron ABOVE the bars...and yes, you could do that, but you'd have to create a whole new set of data (chisel extension vs bevel angle), since all of Richard Kell's data are for blades/chisels mounted UNDER the bars.

    All in all, I truly love my Kell #2 guide, and my buddy loves his #1. I have tried honing without a guide, and I appear to be unable to master that skill. I tried an old Eclipse-style single roller guide, which gave me accurate repeatable bevels, but because of the single central roller, it tended to rock a bit, so my edges weren't square. Also, the gripping edges on that tool just didn't hold a lot of my plane irons. The two-roller Kell guide solves both those problems.

    The guides made by Richard Kell, in addition to being precision tools, are hand-made works of art. I haven't tried all the other alternative guides, but I cannot imagine a better honing guide.

    One final note -- Kell used to say "finger-tight only", but some folks' fingers were apparently not strong enough. Kell's latest guidance (hand-written, as always) says to "nip up very gently" with a 1/2 inch wrench.
  • Kell Honing Guide

    Edward Shields, 12/8/2018 It is very well made, and works great, and would recommend to others.
    Great service, and packed excellent
  • To wrench tighten or not

    Don D, 9/24/2018 The honing guide works well, but the small roller version of Honing Guide #2 varies the angle by 5 degrees over very short distance changes. Even with a jig, cross check the jig with calipers if you want to ensure consistency over time. Also, even Kell says that he uses a 1/2 wrench to tighten the honing guide, despite Garrett Wades warning not to use a wrench. The wrench tightened honing guide prevents lifting on one side for wider thicker chisels. I find this helps speed sharpening and avoids faceting.
  • Versitility and Value

    Damion Sipe, 9/8/2018 Even if the Kell Honing Guide was like all the other honing guides on the market and was almost exclusively engineered just to sharpen plane irons and bevel edge chisels, it would still be an excellent value for the money. However, if you have ever endured thirty minutes of pure frustration while trying to sharpen a mortise chisel or a micro-chisel or even a bench chisel with a narrow blade while it repeatedly shifts and slips inside the clamping jaws of your honing guide, then be prepared to weep tears of joy. Previously, I used several different guides to handle all of my sharpening needs. The Kell Honing Guide has replaced them all. No more fumbling through my tool box looking for a specific guide or fiddling with attachments to accommodate narrow blades. As an extra added bonus, the Kell Guide offers the kind of excellent quality that one expects from a premium brand-named honing guide without the premium price. This one is a keeper.
  • Unless you are a ninja samurai master of sharpening, buy this

    Austin, 8/31/2018 This just arrived yesterday while I was working, and I couldn't wait to get home and shared up my block plane and chisels. Where before I had all kinds of chatter and tear out when working on some walnut and maple I've laminated together, now I'm getting superfine, SUPERFINE shavings and a perfectly smooth surface. Wow!
  • Honing guide

    Larry B,, 8/29/2018 A beautiful and well made tool. I looked for a guide for a long time but until I found this one never bought one. This one really does it's job!
  • A wonderful tool guide!

    Lindsey, 4/29/2018 This guide works very nicely for a slow, accurate sharpening and honing of my plane irons, chisels and knife blades. Simple to use, easy to set - a great tool guide!
  • Precision guide that is easy to use

    Shan Cretin, 4/9/2018 Thoughtfully designed, well-made tool that makes it easy to keep chisel and plane blades sharp.
  • Easy to use.

    Chris B, 9/19/2017 I bought it to use on a few antique chisels, it is easy to use and a sharp edge is very near. And very quick delivery. I will use it on all of chisels.
  • Time Saver

    Gary, 4/1/2017 I am a luthier and a slave to edge tools. Those include chisels, plain irons, spokeshave irons, and more. And, when one is dependent on such tools, the time spend sharpening them is a concern. I have tried many guides, and a lack of consistency and the resultant time wasted is an issue with most of them. The Kell honing guide is a quality tool, well thought out and simple. It gets high marks for repeatability and snd squareness. Additionally, it will accommodate the shorter wider blades found in spokeshaves. The Kell guide is a time saver.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner April 2017 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Gary!!
  • Well designed, well made honing guide

    Lynn S., 1/27/2017 The back order made this Christmas present three weeks late, but it was worth the wait. The online image shows the new larger rollers made of nylon 66 (PA 66). The model I received had the smaller rollers optimized for shorter chisels and short cutter blades. The larger rollers are available as service parts, but I don't think I will need them. The smaller rollers work very well with my bench chisels and bench plane blades. The hex nut clamps the blades very well when tightened by hand. The clear plastic spacer on each side of the blade grips snugly and is a replaceable service part should it become worn. I was concerned the plastic rollers would wear quickly when used on abrasive sheets, They did quickly pickup discoloration, but show no sign of wear. The instructions show how to make a jig to use the holder with a whet stone - not running the rollers on abrasive.
    The device is well designed. The blade is firmly held normal to the roller axis. The blade can be easily set to hone a desired angle. Serviceable parts are easy to access for replacement (a pair of snap ring pliers are required to replace the rollers.) The device is well made with major components made of brass and steel. No diecast pot metal parts. The wide stance for the rollers prevent the blade from rocking laterally on the rollers - like happen with other model with a single central roller. This is the attribute I like most. Now I'm off to correct 30 years of free hand sharpening.
  • Great alternate guide that suits any Blade.

    A.J.D., 1/21/2017 I have a Lie-Nielsen honing guide for my planes and their chisels which works great. I needed something that could do other manufacturers chisels that may have a thicker or tapered side. The one I have can skew the attack of the sharpening.. I got this one and it grabs the chisels very positively and strong. Easy to set up for any angle and micro-bevel you desire. Glad I checked out Garrett-Wade and found it.
  • so flat it feels like a vacuum sticking the edge to the stone

    rowland shepard, 11/20/2016 Easy to adjust. I had 'rocked' a chamfer on the edge of the 3/4" mortising chisel. I worked the bevel and with still a bit to go, to get the edge to clear, I shortened up to temporarily get a secondary bevel. Then it started to "stick" like a the edge was getting sucked on the stone. Extremely flat result. Scarry sharp! Well made tool
  • Easy to use and consistent

    David D, 10/31/2016 The small wheeled Kell is a breeze to use and provides consistent angles when sharpening. It is easy to set up for most any size blades for consistently achieving the right cutting angle on my plane and other irons.
  • great jig

    Paul Saffold, 10/18/2016 Great for short blades. I use it for spokeshave blades as well as plane blades and chisels. I bought the narrow version years ago and wish I had bought the wide (up to 2 5/8") one instead. Garret Wade shipped it out the day I ordered it and I had it quickly. It only works for blades that have parallel sides. Make up a wood jig, basically a rabbet on the end of a 1/1", to butt the blade up to, place the bars under the blade, hand tighten the knob. The direction with the jig and on YouTube say to have the blade under the bars but I like it on top of the bars better.
  • Small but effective

    Robert Peterson, 10/4/2016 It's a good product and holds my thick sided chisels very well. It is much smaller than depicted by the picture on the web site and that was surprising when I opened the package. As long as the rollers hold up this honer should last for many years.
  • Great Porduct

    Paul sawler, 9/10/2016 Excellent device. I didn't realize how dull some of my blades had become. On a trial run, learning to use the guide, I was amazed at how incredibly sharp I made my one inch chisel.
  • Very good

    Ron, 5/23/2016 I like but instruction could be a little more
  • simply the best I've used

    James, 3/4/2016 I have struggled to find a guide that securely holds my chisels. The Kell long honing guide is just the ticket. It firmly grasped the chisels and held them perpendicular which resulted in a perfectly square finished product. I love this guide and highly recommended it to friends.
  • Love It Very Much

    Pia, 7/10/2015 It is very simple to use. There is a memo which helps you to set up the angle. And with high school math, I can figure how to set up for any angle I want.
  • Great For Small / Thin Blades

    Ray Bowers, 3/9/2014 A great guide for small/thin blades like a plow plane and such. A full size honing guide, like a Veritas Mk II can still do the same thing, but I like the feel of the smaller guide for smaller blades. Beautifully machined and great to work.
  • Quality Device

    Ron Larson, 5/27/2011 Very well made, quality stainless steel & brass. Easy to use. Very stable due to the wide spacing of the wheels and the quality of the machining. Make sure your stone is wide enough to allow for wheels.
  • Big rollers

    Reizaal, 1/25/2011 I like how the big rollers look. This guide really make it easier to use fine sandpaper to sharpen tools, which is the best, when backed by a flat steel plate as base like shown by the picture.
  • best of it's type

    Dan W CArmichael, 1/12/2011 It took me a while to use it but yesterday I sharpened 5 Japanese chisels with it. It was great, I mean the best of this type I have used. The only problem came with the small chisels. You need to press at the contact point and with the very short protrusion and the small was hard at first. I think I can practice my way out of this. Dan
  • Handy

    Cole, 12/15/2010 Got this for my brother who loves to work with wood and it is a great addition to his tool collection. I know he will use it often.
  • Nice Honing Guide

    Randy, 7/20/2010 The long guide is strikingly long- it unscrews about 2 1/2 inches, which accommodates wide plane blades. I've got to make a stone holder the same thickness as my stones to allow for the guide to use the entire stone width. Just more projects to do!
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