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02B05.01 Key Knife

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You have to hold one of these in your hand. Barely larger than an ordinary key, this German made pocket knife will easily slip on your key chain. Everyone loves this irresistible little knife. Buying a set of three saves on the cost, so get a few and give them away. Made in Germany.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Stainless Steel & Brass

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Overall Rating
  • Great stocking stuffer

    Rick, 12/30/2020 I bought this item as a stocking stuffer, one for each of my sons. They loved them, and so did some of their wives. I am buying more.
  • Cut with a Knife

    Erika, 12/29/2020 Great gift for the person who is always using their keys or teeth (you know you do it) to cut or tear things.
  • Great Little Knife

    Andrea Johnston , 8/21/2020 This little knife comes in handy. I keep it on my Keychain. It is very well made and very sharp. Adorable and functional! I highly recommend this.
  • Sturdy and practical.

    KarhZRob, 7/12/2020 Looks great on my key chain and feels very sturdy.
  • Keyknife

    Kathy, 3/18/2020 Got this for my grandson and he just loves it.
  • Universal attractiveness

    Gary, 8/3/2019 Over the year we have bought one of these knifes for everyone on the Christmas list. It's unobtrusive yet handy when you need a knife only problem is that the girls want them as well.
  • Perfect guy gift

    Gary, 7/7/2019 I'm glad to have found this knife for "guy" gifts. I had purchased a couple of these about three years ago and my husband has worn it to a nub...
  • Watch out for TSA

    Robert Taylor, 12/16/2018 Extremely useful, but after carrying one for several years TSA took it away from me. I said to agent "it is excellent have a good time with it."
  • cute

    Malley John, 12/13/2018 cute item
  • Super convenient

    Mike, 12/12/2018 Good quality, super convenient pocket knife. Everyone I have given it to thinks the same!
  • grandson knife

    Margaret, 12/9/2018 Very neat! I know my grandson will love it.
  • Small but useful

    Karen Saporito, 12/3/2018 Small and compact. Great "surprise" stocking stuffer !!!
  • Very handy knife.

    Carolina123, 11/19/2018 I love this little knife, use it all the time, and have bought it 3 years in a row for presents for friends. It is surprisingly high-quality and waaaay overpriced. Buy it anyway.
  • Key knife

    Peter Laganas, 7/4/2018 This knife epitomizes the appreciation I have for a Garret Wade product. This item is compact, versital, and easily accessible. It also has the distinction of being a quality made German product. I originally bought this knife for myself, but ended up giving it to my brother for his birthday. He loved it and I of course ordered another one for myself. Buy this knife, you won’t be sorry.

  • Cute as a button and really well made.

    Linda, 3/26/2017 Very well made and finished little knife. I was not expecting it to be of such high quality. I gave it to my husband and bought a different one for myself. Now I have to buy one of these little gems for me. Love it.
  • Neato!

    Jeremy Cantor, 2/25/2017 This is the handiest, smallest can't-ever-misplace-it pocket knife I've ever owned.
  • Key knife

    Bob , 2/25/2017 I finally don't have to use an actual key on my chain when receiving a delivery and it's sharp and long enough to open anything. Besides, every time you try and leave a blade in receiving it disappears!
  • Cutting Edge

    Lee Robison , 12/13/2016 You never know when a blade will come in handy. This is a very easy way to always have one ready to go. Clever and unobtrusive.
  • Love it!!!!

    Alice Buschman, 12/13/2016 My husband is always misplacing his knife. Now he will never have to look for it again. Thrilled with this purchase.
  • Great gift!

    Sally , 11/21/2016 Excellent gift -- my husband loved it and uses it all the time.
  • AngieRN

    Angie, 11/13/2016 Love the idea of the availability of a knife on a key chain. Keeps it handy for the "just in case" moments you need them. No fishing around in your pocket for a knife, it is such a wonderful idea.
  • Key shipped pocket knife

    Gary, 11/7/2016 Fair construction,soft steel blade. Product a little over priced
  • Dont leave home without one !

    Juliana Wilson, 8/26/2016 This key knife is so useful and handy. It makes it easy access since it goes on a keychain.
    Always a good conversation piece when people see it. Most of the time my friends want one too! It makes the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for men or women
  • Your handy blade!

    JAMES L APPLETON, 6/17/2016 No watch pocket or purse should be without one. Need to open an envelope or package? Need to sharpen a pencil? Need to trim a nail or get rid of an unwanted thread? Need to carve your girl friend's initials in that tree trunk over there? This handy blade is just the ticket.
  • Stylish and useful

    Mary Menard, 5/15/2016 Very stylish and compact. I was surprised at how keen and sharp the blade is for the size of it. Very nice touch for the horse shoe key ring.
  • Everyone Needs One!

    Sherri, 4/20/2016 Love this knife. I got one for my husband's key chain, borrowed it all the time, bought myself one, loved it, bought my son one and just put in an order of one more to give my boss. I'm predicting he will start buying them for folks himself!
  • Clever small knife you can keep on your keychain!

    Stacy C., 3/4/2016 Well made and great looking tiny knife you can keep on your keychain. This is a very handy item, and it's well-designed and constructed.
  • Key Knife

    Elizabeth Somerville, 8/17/2015 Nice sturdy key/ knife.
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