"Kneeling-Length” Cultivator and Large Trowel

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New "Kneeling-Length” Cultivator and Large Trowel
Saves your back
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77A04.03 Half-Length Large Trowel

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77A04.04 Half-Length Cultivator

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77A04.30 Both Half-Length Tools

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Everything we do in the flower bed or the kitchen-vegetable garden is either standing up or down on your knees. Often when working close to the ground, small hand held trowels or cultivators are fine but if the bed is wide, it’s typically useful to have tools with intermediate length handles so your not getting up all the time. Here are two beauties – overall length 22" stainless steel with 15" long Ash handles. Save your back and work faster. The cost is modest for the greater efficiency.

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