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Garrett Wade Knife Sharpening Class
$ 100
You cannot overstate the joy or importance of working with a sharp knife. New, well-made knives will stay sharp for a few months but they eventually need re-sharpening. And of course, inexpensive knives will become dull after a few weeks of use. It’s easy to keep all your knives sharp. It’s a great skill to learn and once you do, even budget knives can be sharpened to perform like a high-end chef’s knife.

What you’ll learn
In this class you will learn how to sharpen any sized kitchen-knife to a keen razor’s edge. You’ll learn why you should sharpen an all-purpose knife differently than a paring knife or a fillet knife. You’ll also learn how to assess and make basic repairs to broken tips, dinged edges and damaged handles. With enrollment, each person will receive a pair of versatile sharpening stones ($60 value) to take home and gain hands-on experience.

About the Instructor
Anthony Francis is a Product Developer here at Garrett Wade. He has a deep background in furniture making, boatbuilding and timber frame house building, as well as extensive teaching experience. His workshops are an excellent balance of hands-on learning and related theory.

The class will be held in Garrett Wade’s office/workshop located in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Cost: $100
Date: Tuesday, December 6th 2016
Time: 6:00 to 7:30PM
Location: 45 Main Street, Suite 409, Brooklyn, NY
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