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Explore the fascinating art of tying knots and other ancient rope crafts with our Hands-On/How-To Knot Kit. Includes:
  • Hervey Garrett Smith's classic, The Marlinspike Sailor
  • The Know Your Knots instructional Kit (with lengths of faux hemp rope to practice with)
  • Genuine British Navy Jack Knife with marlinspike.
Items available separately. Click Here for more information on the Jack Knife.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-This toy contains small parts and marbles. Not for children under 8 yrs.
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"It represents an era and a breed of man long since gone, and an art that would be lost to posterity"

These words of the great marine illustrator Hervey Garrett Smith are found in his famous classic, The Marlinspike Sailor, and though they refer only to a simple seaman's chest, there are no more perfect words to describe this important and fascinating book, and to illustrate the grace and the respect for its subject of the man who wrote it. A seaman all his life, Hervey Garrett Smith has deep knowledge - "the rank of able seaman must be earned" - and fills the book with salt and spray in every witty story, each chapter a practical demonstration of how to make by hand from rope what a sailor would make, say, 400 years ago.
  • "CAPT'N AL", asked the small boy,what's a heaving line?
  • "Why that's a lifeline for sailors when they's sick, the captain replied.
  • But what's the ball on the end for?"
  • Capt'n Al shifted his pipe to the port side of his other tooth...
So begins a chapter in which we are told not only what a heaving line is (most of us here didn't know) but also how it's used and how it's made, with explanations on the proper technique of throwing it and with the detailed, clear and beautiful illustrations for which the book and its author are famous. Chapters on whippings and the long and short splice; on the star knot, the tack knot and Matthew Walker's knot; on the rope mat, the Russian mat and the sword mat; on plaited sennits, crown sennits and rope handles for that same seaman's chest - each a thoughtful lesson not only in splicing and tying knots in rope, but in the whole way of life of the seafarer and the amazing craftsmanship of the marlinspike sailor. Smith whether he knew it or not took responsibility for that way of life and has done more than any museum to preserve it. This is what inspires us, and we think anyone who practices a craft and cares for its preservation will also be inspired by The Marlinspike Sailor.

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Overall Rating
  • Product description was lacking

    Pat, 12/12/2017 Rating reflects product description only.
    Product - Marlinspike Sailor Book - looked good but the product description was lacking. The book turned out to be much more complex and advanced than I expected. My young granddaughter would be frustrated trying to follow the diagrams. Will return the book. I did NOT order the Know Your Knots product, so possibly I should have bought that for a beginner.
  • Do not forget to teach them about the knots!

    Denis Dearborn, 12/18/2016 As a Homeschooling parent, the books on knot tying are some of the greatest teaching aides that my wife and I have seen when it comes to teaching children this "must know"skill. As a parent, taking the time to teach your children something almost seems like a lost art in and of itself, but, these books will give you something to share, something to instill into the lives of your children that in reality can be used in everything from everyday life to life saving scenarios. My oldest son made a rope ladder with loop knots only, no wood, just rope and knots and the knots were left to right in a stagger position the full length of the rope. To see the expression of accomplishment and knowing this is now a skill, I don't think anyone could ever ask for more. Thanks for making these teaching aides available and I would recommend this to everyone who has children.
  • Good for starting knot tying as a Hobbyist.

    Edward Fuller, 12/10/2016 I purchased the kit. Marlin spike Sailor is very good. The knife is rugged with good grip. Needs sharpening and how to use it properly. The ropes were good and encouraged me to buy more correctly.
  • Knowing Knots

    John Carrow, 12/6/2014 I first learned about knots when I was young and in Boy Scouts. That knowledge was invaluable throughout my life, from the military to around the house, to fishing and managing the boat. Unfortunately many boys today do not learn about the skills of knot tying and the proper way to attach items. Including my grandsons who missed the Boy Scout journey. I find your book and the knot tying kit to be a perfect way of introducing them to the subject and helping them learn an art that they will need in the future. The product is complete and highly instructional. Thanks.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner December 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, John!!
  • Good Knife For The Money

    Paw Paw, 11/17/2014 Bought the kit with the knife as pictured for my grandsons. Later bought just the knife so the each can have a knife and share the book. Knife is not a gold class Benchmade but it is a good working knife. Well made too. The book is small but has a lot of detail on how to tie knots. A great book for a boy or a Tom boy. Garrett Wade service is great and they sell good quality merchandise at a fair price.
  • Marlinspike Sailor

    Ronald Powell, 4/7/2014 I was very" pleased with the service. They were very fast and efficient with their delivery, and the "product" was what I expected it to be. Will do business with these people again."
  • Very Disappointing Not as Advertised!

    JanA, 12/6/2013
  • Rope Knots

    John, 10/23/2013 The product is just O.K. --- The book -- Seems primitive -- But, I guess it get's the processes of knot tying as they are -- Some Illustrations are not quite complete as to letting the beginner really understand how to make those knots -- The knife is excellent quality !! - But no instruction on how to use the knife when tying knots -- How is the knife used to it's potential ? -- Is there an instructional booklet available ?? -- That would be really nice !!-- If there is a booklet of instructions for the knife -- I want to have it -- Thanks

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Know Your Knots Kit. We are sorry you are having some difficulty with using the knife while tying the knots. Please contact our technical department at the 1-800-221-2942 for more assistance.
  • Good

    Shipwreck, 6/21/2013 Came quick and the knife was very high quality.
  • Army Knife with Marlin Spike

    Marion Swendsen, 1/4/2013 Knife is extremely hard to open even after oiling the hinges. Also the accompanying Know Your Knots" is very basic. I wish it went in to more detail."
  • Know ur Knots

    Ron, 11/17/2011 The Know Your Knots only portion of this is only two small pieces of rope and a paper in a tube. Definitely not worth the money.
  • Nostalgic Stocking Stuffers!

    Betsy Barker, 12/16/2010 Loved all the toys of yester year! We nicknamed my hubby rope man" so this was a perfect stocking stuffer for him. "
  • Marlinspike Knot Book

    Donna Robbins, 12/1/2010 This is a handy book, with some very practical application knots accompanied by related stories as to their origins and use. The only minor drawback is that some splices and knots have wonderful detailed instructions and illustrations, while a couple of the most complex knots don't have enough detail to tie the knot. I was a little disappointed with that, but on the whole am really satisfied for the price.
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