Large Copper & Brass Anchor Oil Lamp

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Large Copper & Brass Anchor Oil Lamp
A classic piece of nautical equipment
86A03.17 Large Copper & Brass Anchor Oil Lamp

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This large and exceptionally beautiful oil lamp is 11" tall, with a base 5-1/2" in diameter and a large closed hook at the top. The glass is a Fresnel type of design, which is used to distribute the light widely. The wick is 3/4" wide. A faithful reproduction of a piece of British naval history: historically, a white light hung near the bow when at anchor was a standard way to signal that the ship was not moving.

This lamp is intended to be used while hanging. The air vents are on the bottom of the lamp and it needs the air circulation to burn properly. Lamp oil (available locally) is recommended, but kerosene works too.

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  • Thinking I should have two!

    Patrick Annabel, 11/28/2019 Although a replica of a possibly mid-18th century British ship’s hardware, it is easy to imagine the Large Copper & Brass Anchor Oil Lamp attached to the bow of a stately square-rigged ship while anchored safely somewhere in protected harbour. Maybe just like in ‘Treason’s Harbour’ by Patrick O’Brian, where action and intrigue are set partly in Malta, and partly in pirate-infested waters of the Red Sea, the stage is set where a captain worries about repairs being done to his ship, where the dockyards and salons of Malta are filled with Napoleon’s agents, and the admiralty’s intelligence network is compromised.
    I like to see my new Copper & Brass Anchor Oil Lamp as a link to a more robust past. The best part of course is that the lamp works well! Sturdy, crafted well, this lamp appears to be made to last. Anchors aweigh!
  • Stunning classic

    P, 12/28/2018 Stunning, well made, provides bright light! Exceeds our expectations: we are already using two of these on our year round sun porch.
  • Beautiful lamp, wick adjustment needs improvement

    B. Graham, 10/28/2017 Almost perfect. Beautiful, solid and well made EXCEPT the wick adjustment feels flimsy and is difficult to adjust precisely. Come on, guys! This is the heart of the lamp! It's fine if you only want it for display but if you're actually using it as a light source, it's substandard for what I expect from Garrett Wade.
  • Brass and copper lamp

    Greg Starr, 1/21/2017 This is the second one I have boughten from you. They are top notch and will go on the stern on my boat.
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