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Sale Large Corn Whisk Brush & Dustpans
25S09.01 17" Wide Mouth Dustpan

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25S09.02 11-1/2" Wide Dustpan

Available 10/23/2020


25S09.10 Both Dustpans

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96S02.01 Large Whisk Brush

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96S02.10 Large Whisk Brush (3)

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Here's one you just don't see around anymore-not in such a generous size. Our cornstalk Whisk is 8" wide by 18" long overall. It is absolutely unmatched for general clean up everywhere: shop, garden, kitchen, or garage. We love this tool, and are pleased to be able to offer at a very special price for a set of three-one for the kitchen, one for the shop, and one to give to someone as a great gift.

As an added help to you, get one of our Wide Mouth Aluminum Dustpans. The mouth is 17" wide, the Dustpan is light, and the construction is unusually sturdy. A smaller, but just as sturdy, 11-1/2" Dustpan is also available.

The Corn Whisk Brushes are made in Germany. The Dustpans are made In Taiwan.

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Overall Rating
  • Works Great.

    Pat T., 8/5/2020 My floor looks so clean. It collects all my sand and dust. It is wide and light. I am happy with my purchase.
  • Love it!

    Miss Kerileigh , 4/26/2020 Another fine product from Garrett Wade! Beautiful dustpan. Can I really say that? YES! It's sturdy, all aluminum, no plastic, wide smooth pan and you can leave it in the rain and still have a perfect product. The edge is perfectly flat and straight so the dirt can get up on the pan without flinging it.
  • Dandy Dustpan

    Chris, 4/18/2020 Well made dustpan. It has a comfortable handle to grip and a great edge to collect all the bits and pieces.
  • Brush me Over!

    A Guy in Texas, 8/3/2019 Great - well made little sweeper! Should last for years!
  • Dustpan from Heaven!

    A Guy in Texas, 8/3/2019 Much lighter than expected! Well made, and should last a long time!
  • Large aluminum dustpan

    U. B., 1/23/2019 Love this dustpan! Large yet very light dustpan that easily handles a large amount of debris. Extremely well made. You won’t be sorry you purchased the larger size.
  • Dustpan and Cirn Whisk Brush

    Thomas Schuck, 12/31/2018 The 17” dustpan and Corn Whisk Brush are an excellent match. The dustpan is the highest quality I have seen. I am a wheelchair guy. These work perfectly while doing cleanup work in a chair. The Whisk Broom is the ideal length for fast cleanup. Balanced and easy to hold. This makes a great addition to our garden shed tools!
  • metal dustpan

    duff4, 12/13/2017 Love this dustpan. I wish I got the smaller one also. This is the best made dustpan you will ever find. I'm in my sixty's and have had a lot of them!
  • Excellent

    darlamouse, 12/12/2017 Thank you! So well made. I can clean up in no time at all.
  • Over Sized Dust Pan

    Charlene Argiros, 12/2/2017 I have looked for one of these dust pans "everywhere"! You are the only one that carries them for the general public. Its strong, handles a large amount to make clean up a quick job.. Thanks a MILLION for making it available.

    Nancy Burris, 12/4/2016 Love the Large Corn Whisk Brush (Hard to find!) as well as the Dustpan set. Dustpans are heavy duty and well-made, perfect for a shop, garage, washroom or anywhere for a quick clean up.

    NANCY BURRIS, 12/4/2016 Lightweight but very sturdy, nicely done!
  • Large Corn Whisk Brush & Dustpans

    Ardell Campbell, 10/7/2016 They were just what I hoped they would be. One large and one small dustpan. Good for cleaning up around my wood stove. The large corn whisk ( broom) brush, will make a short work clean up of the wood chips that fall after loading the wood stove.
  • Just big enough!

    Colin Hampton, 9/6/2016 If you think it's too big, you're wrong! If you think it'll be too heavy, you are wrong, again! It's just the right size for the garage, workshop, maybe even your kitchen! Believe me, it is deceiving, but it's extremely light and easy to handle. True, it is larger than most, but you sure can find it hanging on the hook in the garage / shop when you need it! I got the 17" dustpan, in conjunction with the 16" Shop Broom. I'm a genius! Even I can't miss that "sweep-age" pickup!"
  • The Wide-Mouth is a Winner!

    Brendan Hasenstab, 1/3/2015 This over-sized dust pan is great bit of design. Handy in so many situations, heavy enough that you won't push it around sweeping stuff into it, light enough to hang when you want it out of sight... An all-around winner!
  • Grand Sweep

    George Villalva, 3/19/2014 A most practical addition to my shop. Well made and well-proportioned - love to sweep!
  • Alum. Dust Pans

    Bill Podfigurny, 7/17/2013 I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but appear well made.
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