Large Desktop Magnifier

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Large Desktop Magnifier
4" in diameter
86A03.14 Large Desktop Magnifier

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The ‘bright field' optical design of this magnifier collects light from all around the 1 ⅛” thick loupe and directs it right onto the surface you are looking at. The beauty of this deceptively simple device is that it lies flat on the paper and you simply look through it. No focusing is necessary, and it can be comfortably viewed with both eyes from a wide range of angles and distances. And at 16 oz. it also makes an attractive paperweight.

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Overall Rating
  • Clear and bright.

    John, 11/21/2020 This lens does a good job of enlarging small text and drawing in light for easier viewing.
  • Dad Loved It

    Jason Taylor, 6/22/2020 My 84 year old father still goes to his desk everyday. I gave him the desktop magnifier and he loved it. Sat down and showed me how it will help him read his notes.
  • Impressive Quality ...

    Daniel Moose, 5/18/2020 I’m very impressed with the quality of this magnifying glass. It’s large (enough), heavy enough to not be flimsy, and like another review said, it’s blemish-free. I’m going to order 2 more to save myself some walking. 5 Stars.
  • Large Desktop Magnifier

    David L. Horwitz, 1/4/2020 I purchased this magnifier on December 14, 2019. It is made in India. It comes in a box with a molded, form-fitting hard foam protective inner liner and soft plastic bag and bubble wrap which ensures the glass will arrive unharmed. The glass itself is perfect, without scratches, surface flaws, or bubbles. While the glass is 100% clear, it does have a green tint, which will alter the true color of what is magnified. While the description says to use this flat on the surface of what is to be magnified, this is not wise, as sliding the bottom of the glass over paper will eventually result in scratching the glass. I attached three clear cabinet bumpers, 1/2" in diameter and 1/8" in height to raise the magnifier off the surface. The result is that the magnifier does not slip around; I can see through the bumpers so that the image beneath is not obscured, and the magnification is increased by the added focal distance without noticeable decreasing the field of vision, and the bottom is now save from scratching. In using the magnifier, you can greatly increase the magnification by lifting and holding it in your hand up to 1.5 inches from the surface, although there is a decrease in the field of view and some distortion around the edge as the magnifier is lifted further away. (I'm considering making one or two riser bases to set the magnifier on at greater distances from the surface so as to keep it hands free.) As with all optical lenses, use only a lens cleaning cloth (or microfiber) that is reserved for this purpose, as tissues or dust cloths will scratch. It will keep the lens cleaner by repelling dust and fingerprints. As noted in the other reviews, the shape is pleasing and displays well on the desktop. While I still use a very good quality hand-held magnifier, I now use this exclusively for documents resting on my desktop. In summary, this is an item you will never regret purchasing and it will serve you well if properly used and cared for.
  • buyer/giver

    Stephen German, 11/5/2019 the grandkids love it and are discovering ways to use it
  • Terrific for Archival Projects

    Mary Ellen Nottage, 1/2/2019 I first ran across this type of magnifier while I was doing archival research on hand-drawn cemetery maps. My newly retired husband is now deep into his own research on a favorite topic, reading page after page of mid-Nineteenth Century newspaper print and handwritten documents. When he mentioned how tired his eyes were, I remembered how much I liked using the domed magnifier in the archives. So I got him one from Garret Wade for Christmas - a great stocking stuffer! The larger format is a perfect aid for deciphering the materials he is using, and his eye fatigue is significantly diminished. He really appreciates the hands-free, distortion-free viewing it allows as opposed to other magnifiers he was using. He may even finish writing the book after all these years!!
  • Desk magnifying glass

    Desk magnifying glass, 12/9/2018 A unique gift for a desk. Good adult item.
  • Distortion free lens

    Ellen Soloway, 12/3/2018 An excellent product and beautiful to look at. The quality of the glass clear and produces a magnification without distortions. It sits on my desk as a pretty paperweight until I need to read fine print. I am amazed at how much easier it is to focus the print than my older hand-held magnifiers. Mainly I am pleased that my eyes are less tired due to the lack of distortion with this lens.
  • True Value in this Looking Glass

    Nicholas B Borer, 10/28/2018 I think the craftsmanship of this Desktop Magnifier is excellent. It was made by a true lens crafter. Its heft (weight) and ability to create clarity on small print, instantly , by simply setting it on a document or work piece are invaluable. Simple, effective, quality , and value all rolled into one !
  • Great for reading newspaper or food ads

    H.B., 5/4/2018 My husband said it works great
  • Not for regular lighting

    Mike Elledge, 4/27/2018 the lens is too dark (green). Only useful if a full light situation.
  • Keep on desktop for frequent use - I do.

    Ecat, 2/23/2018 This desk magnifier is a very solid item -- large enough for easy use (no moving it around to cover the object) and strong enough for bringing details into greater clarity. I think 3X is a sound choice, but buyers should not expect this magnifier to do the work of a higher-power professional item like a jeweler's loupe.
  • very great idea.

    Rick, 12/10/2017 at my age and difficulty reading quite small print this magnifier has been a blessing. Glasses don't help reading all the time, holding magnifiers is always a move it here and there project. Placing the magnifier on the page (esp. smaller notes) magnifies the area and then just move it "along" and it really does the job of easier magnified !! reading for me. I am quite pleased and happy I bought this magnifier! All is 'simpler' and easier to read.
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