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Sale Large Desktop Magnifier
3X power, 4" in diameter
86A03.14 Large Desktop Magnifier

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The ‘bright field' optical design of this magnifier collects light from all around the 1 ⅛” thick loupe and directs it right onto the surface you are looking at. The beauty of this deceptively simple device is that it lies flat on the paper and you simply look through it. No focusing is necessary, and it can be comfortably viewed with both eyes from a wide range of angles and distances. And at 16 oz. it also makes an attractive paperweight.

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  • Great for reading newspaper or food ads

    H.B., 5/4/2018 My husband said it works great
  • Not for regular lighting

    Mike Elledge, 4/27/2018 the lens is too dark (green). Only useful if a full light situation.
  • Keep on desktop for frequent use - I do.

    Ecat, 2/23/2018 This desk magnifier is a very solid item -- large enough for easy use (no moving it around to cover the object) and strong enough for bringing details into greater clarity. I think 3X is a sound choice, but buyers should not expect this magnifier to do the work of a higher-power professional item like a jeweler's loupe.
  • very great idea.

    Rick, 12/10/2017 at my age and difficulty reading quite small print this magnifier has been a blessing. Glasses don't help reading all the time, holding magnifiers is always a move it here and there project. Placing the magnifier on the page (esp. smaller notes) magnifies the area and then just move it "along" and it really does the job of easier magnified !! reading for me. I am quite pleased and happy I bought this magnifier! All is 'simpler' and easier to read.
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