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Sale Large Diamond Files
Great value in a four piece set
19T06.01 Flat Diamond File

Available 02/25/2021


19T06.02 Half Round Diamond File

In stock

Regular Price: $16.75

Special Price $14.24

19T06.03 Square Diamond File

In stock

Regular Price: $16.75

Special Price $14.24

19T06.04 Round Diamond File

In stock

Regular Price: $16.75

Special Price $14.24

19T06.10 Set Of All 4 Diamond Files

Available 02/25/2021

Regular Price: $67.00

Special Price $59.95

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These aggressive-cutting, diamond-coated files have two solid plastic handles and medium grit. A set of all four is a special value.

Set includes four patterns: flat (3/4" wide), half-round, square (1/4") and round with a slight taper. Please note that the handle color may vary.

Caution on Best Use: These files are great for DIY, general shop, and periodic professional use. They are not designed for (or priced as) tools for continuous professional use on very hard surfaces.

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Overall Rating
  • two diamond files

    Noel Schomburg, 6/15/2020 very good file use it and my flat file to sharpen my bowl turning tools. works very well to put a lasting edge on the scrapers and parting tools .
  • Great files

    James, 12/5/2019 Excellent files, I use on doors and sharpen knives. Great value
  • large diamond files

    WILLIAM H. BUERGER, 7/7/2019 They work very well with my stain glass projects, and on the soft metals and knives I have used them on.
  • Excellent

    John , 3/17/2019 Works fast on the hardened steel i bought it for
  • mr.

    john, 10/27/2017 Great set of files, used to sharpen an axe's and a large garden hoe pick. Made fast work of all.
  • Awesome

    Al Wieszczecinski, 2/5/2017 What a file! I had been cutting a bevel on CPM S90V Steel, and had destroyed 7 files in the process. This file made working with this type of steel a PLEASURE! Love this file!
  • Buy one or the set, you'll be happy.

    John , 12/29/2016 I bought the 19T06.01 7.5" Flat Diamond file to use to kitbash N scale styrene structures and and very pleased with it, it really does a nice job. I did find what looks like the same file on ebay for only $8.12, but I'm happy with the one I got, it's worth it. I also have several sets of diamond coated needle files which I use almost constantly, but this is the file for the big jobs, the needle files are used for windows & doors. Highly recommended.
  • Set of 4 large diamond files

    Cheryl, 8/14/2016 Excellent! Well worth the shipping from US to London. Efficient, fast delivery and tracking and great all round service. Thank you!
  • Set of 4 large diamond files

    Captain Dan Courtemanche, 3/4/2016 These diamond files are the best files I have ever used. They cut fast and true. They smooth quickly. They make shaping easy. A GREAT ADDITION TO MY WORK SHOP.
  • Files

    Dave Chase, 7/14/2015 Best ever. Can't do without them.
  • Very Nice Files

    Ken Granger, 1/3/2015 My wife gave me this set of files for Christmas. I have been woodworking for 40 years and have never had a set of diamond files. I didn't know what I was missing. These files have an excellent feel and balance when using them and do an outstanding job at cutting down the metal. A couple of quick strokes and you have honed a clean edge on whatever you are sharpening. Annually I sharpen all the kitchen knives in the drawer. These files allowed me to clean up imperfections the knives have had for years. A couple of quick strokes on some carbide router bits bought them back to like new as well. This set has various shape files allowing flexibility on areas you can reach. The diamond surface works like magic cutting into the work with light pressure. They include a sleeve for each file to store it in which keeps it protected and clean. If you don't have a diamond file set you need to get this set.
  • Excellent Tool

    Juan Bregio, 8/9/2014 These diamond files are the best I have seen, they really help me at work to keep the die bearings clean and flat.
  • Unusual Use

    James, 1/2/2013 I bought the set of files because I knew that I would find a use for them. Particularly, I suspected the large flat file would be useful in a non-workshop way. I use it to file my big toenail. It works great and its length allows my aged arthritic self to easily reach the toe to do the job since everyone of a certain age knows that the feet get farther from the body with the passage of time.
  • The Joy of Diamond Files

    Kevin Rosecrans, 10/6/2010 I purchased the large flat and half round file 2 years ago. It is a joy to be able to file in all directions. I make custom canes and staffs and to be able to file in the curves of the handles save a lot of time. I have use them so much that they are fine grit now and still very usable. I would advise anybody tat uses files in their wood working to buy a set of these. Kevin
  • Diamond Files

    Bill Woodman, 6/22/2010 I purchased diamond files and they did not stand up well at all, after about 30 uses the diamonds just vanished, but I use them on some very hard surfaces, for doing wood they may be good, or for the average home owner, but for a professional user not so good, they need to get a 60 grit to stand up or change the place they get theirs from. I wont purchase any more from them, I have found a place to get theses files and they do stand up, to very hard usage.
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