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Large "Hurricane" Oil Lamps
This style of light which uses lamp oil or kerosene equally well, is an excellent home emergency source of illumination as well as providing reliable light when "off the grid" (in a remote vacation home, camping or another adventure). Inexpensive to operate, safe, and long lasting without fuss or bother, it is virtually impossible to blow them out unintentionally.

Garrett Wade has carried a line of excellent 10" high moderate sized hurricane lamps for years, and we have looked for larger ones meeting our quality standards, but have not been successful until several months ago. These larger ones are 14" high and the fuel reservoir is much larger (More than a pint of fuel). Testing shows that they will stay well lit without refilling for over 24 hours with a medium flame. They are handsome and well made and cost only a modest amount more than the German ones. A fine value for the extra size if needed.
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