Large Oxtail Whisk or Brush

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Sale Large Oxtail Whisk or Brush
a highly versatile clean up brush
87B01.06 Oxtail Whisk

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87B01.60 Oxtail Whisk (2)

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In our travels in Southeast Asia, we recently watched in awe as painting crews used this style of "Oxtail Whisk" Brush to apply whitewash, limewash and other pigments to the stucco surface on houses. One of the great pleasures of travel is to observe a familiar task undertaken expertly, but in a slightly different way than you are used to. Which got us thinking that (maybe here) these Whisks would work well as an all-purpose cleaning tool, such as a fireplace whisk or workshop cleanup broom. Natural woven grass fiber, 19" overall with a 7" brush, and a thong to hang it from a hook. (The use of the term "Oxtail" refers to the generic shape, not the material.) Sold as a pair. Give them a try–highly versatile and inexpensive, and slightly exotic.

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