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96M01.14 Gerstner International, Oak “Solutions” Chest

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Lockable Oak Chest of Drawers

The Oak “Solutions” Chest is made by the well-known Ohio company in a special run for Garrett Wade. Remarkably well made – fully deserving of the Gerstner name. The oak chest features beautifully finished oak veneer on all faces and edges, plus felt-lined drawers. This is Gerstner’s largest lockable desktop chest. Overall, the chest is 24-1/2" tall, 21-1/2" wide and 11" deep. It has five full-width drawers and six half-width drawers, plus a tray at the top. (see table below for drawer dimensions). All drawers automatically lock closed when the top is shut. (The lock comes with two keys.) A special purchase by Garrett Wade makes this limited quantity available at a huge savings over the regular price. By design, this imported oak tool chest fits perfectly on top of the Rolling Storage Cabinet. The two can be purchased at a special price here.

Sturdy, Lockable, and Beautiful

We wanted a sturdy and sophisticated oak chest of drawers, suitable for storing small items. It is the perfect size for storing tools and would make a handsome oak tool chest for your home, workshop, garage, or shed. It also adds a touch of rustic elegance in remote but stylish locations, such as cabins and vacation homes. Imported.

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Overall Dimensions
Top Compartment
Upper Drawers
Middle Drawers
Bottom Drawers

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Overall Rating
  • Very high quality !

    Kay, 9/3/2020 Chest holds a lot more than I thought it would. The wood and construction are high quality and is very attractive in our office.
  • Outstanding chest

    Charles Dyson, 8/19/2020 This Gerstner chest is a beautifully constructed, functional addition to a craftsman’s workshop or artist studio. It is a pleasure to use and to look at. Each drawer is smoothly removable, lined and can be carried over to workbench or easel. There is a handy locking mechanism, a small mirror in the lid of the top drawer and an intelligent variety of drawer depths and widths. The capacity of the chest is surprising. It easily holds several shelves worth of oil paint tubes, vials of tempera, tubes of watercolor paint, sheets of gold leaf, a small scale, containers of gum arabic and other potions, paintbrushes, rulers and compasses, with room for more. The introduction of this serviceable piece of furniture to my workroom has resulted in a better organized workspace and ultimately has improved my work.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize Winner August 2020 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Charles!

  • Nice looking chest

    Warren Ong, 7/27/2020 Being a hobbyist woodworker, I was hoping this chest would have some semblance of quality and design of the US made Gerstner tool chests. Although the US chests are better made, this imported chest does have its own merits. On the down side, there is an inconspicuous split at the screw of a metal corner, the varnish is rough in the finger slot under the lid where you cannot see it, and the drawer runners are plastic and not full length which means heavy tools will not be stored in the bigger drawers.

    On the positive side, this chest is better made than most products. The veneer on the sides were cut so that the grain pattern continues on the side of the lid. The drawers fit well and flush in the chest. Notice the bead on the lower edge of each drawer; with the overall design proportions of the chest, drawers, hardware and red oak finish, this is a very handsome chest that is a joy to look at.
  • Solid value for the average user

    Aaron Ruse, 7/25/2020 Great value.
    Solid construction. W/o ever being close to a USA model, I don’t know what I’m missing but I’m content to keep it that way as this will do me just fine! A few small critique: had to adjust the lock bars a bit to get all drawers to lock reliably with the top closed. Also, one of the finish ply edges is a bit ragged and exposes the plywood on one of the lid edges.

    I purchased this with intention of refinishing/force aging it (which worked really well) so the few small cosmetic items worked fine given my intentions.
  • Chest

    William , 7/25/2020 Great item, great and fast service. Price was reasonable too.
  • Totally worth it!

    MLisa Mitchell, 6/22/2020 Beauty and functionality in one! Really impressed with the fast shipping considering the COVID-19 crisis has slowed shipping way down.
  • Almost The Best

    randall, 6/15/2020 No handles to lift cabinet. Not sure what the back is made from. Reminds me of paneling. Otherwise about right for the price point relative to materials and craftsmanship.
    I would buy again but if you are thinking about it don’t expect exactly the same build and materials quality of the older American made. chests. Overall a good value for the price.
  • Best hobby chest

    Michael Hagstad, 5/29/2020 This an absolutely lovely multi drawer chest. Unless you were actually planning to use it to store machinist tools this is the one. It's quality is well above the mostly veneer chests I've seen, including the one such that I own. It uses solid (and beautiful) wood everywhere it counts. I use it to store my chromatic harmonicas and related tools and supplies. It serves to show them off quite well. And I show off the chest right in my living room. Plus, the delivery speed and packing were quick and clever. Altogether a happy purchase for me.
  • I love it !

    Shari Windsor, 5/26/2020 This is a beautiful addition to my Silversmithing studio.
    It’s got more room than you think just from a picture. It holds a large percentage of my tools and silver.
    I’m very happy with my order from Garrett Wade.
    My only problem is getting the lock to work. Surely I’m doing something wrong.

  • Gerstner memories

    Rich Lichty, 5/19/2020 My father was a machinist at the Philadelphia Navy yard during WW II. I was born after the war but I always remember his Gerstner tool chest. It was in our home until he died in 1964. My mother let it go to a friend or family member. Too bad I didn't make a request to keep it.I always enjoyed just opening and closing the drawers. They mostly were filled with micrometers and tap and die sets. I was glad to learn they are still produced.
  • Quality and price is the best

    Will, 5/9/2020 This box is a lot bigger than I thought. i have enough room for all of my fine tools. This box is a fantastic deal for both price and quality.
  • Pride of Ownership

    Gregory Knox, 2/5/2020 Boy am I glad I bought this beautiful chest. Garrett Wade’s price is absolutely the best deal you will ever find on it. Granted, Gerstner International does mean made in China, but there is absolutely nothing shoddy here. Well made, well designed and obviously built with care. One word of warning. You will be buying more tools to this fill these extra deep drawers. With the internal locking system there is no locking front panel that is found on other chests. The payoff is that the drawers extend all the way from front to back, significantly increasing the available storage space. The only draw back is that there are no handles for lifting it. Well, simply mount it on the matching Rolling Storage Cabinet! You will be proud to own this Gerstner Tool Chest.
  • Nice chest

    Joninco, 6/21/2019 Very nice chest. I did have problems with some drawers to hold out even Though locked.
  • Cabinet review

    Michelle bierman, 4/19/2019 Very well made. Perfect for all of my tools
  • Very nice

    mike, 2/15/2019 Nice love the style but the locking system is a bit weak. Some drawers did not lock so had to bend the metal tabs to latch with the drawers/
    I will be replacing with stronger clips to secure the drawers better
  • Jewelry Cabinet

    L, 2/3/2019 Beautiful well made cabinet that will be perfect for my jewelry collection. Love it
  • Great machinist box

    David Buno, 2/1/2019 This is a great box at a great price. I bought to keep all of my measuring tools and indicators moisture free. It is not built or finished as nice as an American made Gerstner but it does the job just as goog. I would recommend this box to any machinist that doesn't want to spend a fortune and still get a good quality box.
  • Gerstner International, Oak “Solutions” Chest

    Gill Warmoth, 1/28/2019 Beautiful Tool Chest, at a Very Reasonable Price! Perfect for a Machinist, Woodworker, Hobbyist or anyone that uses precision tools.
  • Beautiful craftsmanship.

    Janice Marceaux , 1/26/2019 I bought The Oak Chest as a gift for my husband. He absolutely loves it. He has a similar chest but he says this is much better quality and craftsmanship. He can’t wait to make room on his work bench so he can bring it to work. He is a sewing machine technician so he has lots of small tools so the Oak Chest is perfect for him.
  • A lot of quality and usability at a very low price compared to the U.S.A. made chest!!!

    Gregory , 11/2/2018 I was hesitant to purchase one of the China made chests because I have seen some poor examples of Chinese copies but compared to the price of the U.S.A. made chests this is a steel! No it isn't the impeccable quality of my US made Gerstner but it is twice the size and 1/4th the price! I just got it and I already have it filled with ALL my precision tools.

    Priscilla Mason, 12/10/2017 Several members of my family were/are tool and die makers or machinists and own Gerstner chests. When I saw this deal, I jumped on it! I had been on their website looking for something to use a jewelry box, but, found nothing that would, that wasn't $800 and up. The quality is exactly what I would expect from Garrett Wade and Gerstner.
  • Great Solutions chest

    Richard Wilson, 11/12/2016 Great cabinet to store all of my jewelry, glasses, sunglasses in one handy place instead of various drawers all over the house. Solid construction and quite attractive as well.
  • Excellent for my Benchmade knife collection

    D.E. Rutledge, 11/11/2016 Really cool storage for special collections.
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