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Large Vintage Beating/Whisking Solid Copper Bowls
The exceptional even-heat-spreading of Solid Copper cookware is the stuff of legend. This is what the best French chef’s have relied on for almost 200 years. Because of its nonstick properties, the inside of the very best premium pots were historically lined with a coating of pure molten Tin. Because of costs, these pots are often lined with stainless steel today, but it is not the same quality. This is 100% brand-new, never-used vintage cookware. We don’t have a full range of sizes in any model and the quantities are, of course, very limited. We suggest that if some pieces interest you, that you act quickly. With costs that are a step discount off normal retail prices, the values are very high to those that appreciate the quality.

Large and deep, these are perfect for mixing ingredients vigorously and beating air into (for example) egg whites. They are not lined. All have rings or handles along the top edges for hanging and extra control while engaged in vigorous kitchen activity. The size is the diameter at the top edge. (Because of the shape and the hand work involved, the cost of making the larger sizes is considerable.
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