Large Whistling Top

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Large Whistling Top
Fun for 1 to 100 year olds
45B01.01 Large Whistling Top

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Set spinning by pressing on the handle on the top, when you’ve reached maximum speed, you simply stop and let it spin away. Metal construction. It lets out a constant low whistle, and will last a long time before it finally stops - at which point, you can just set it going again. Great fun will be had by all. We've never failed to see it bring forth lots of smiles. It's about as retro a counterpoint to today's electronic culture as can be had.

8-1/4 diameter, 8-1/2" high.

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Overall Rating
  • Spinning tops

    ELAINE FOWLER, 1/15/2019 My grandson who is 18 months old loves this toy. I have videos and pictures showing him playing with two at the same time, one for each hand.
  • Large whistling top.

    Garry, 12/19/2017 Performed as advertised.
  • smaller than in old days

    Tara , 11/5/2017 Not as big as I thought it would be.
  • Great gift for grand children

    Pat Pray, 1/1/2014 A wonderful quality gift for grand children. It's only limited by their imagination. Great for all ages.
  • Memories

    Juergen A Tibcken, 12/11/2013 What a great idea! I have not seen this toy for over fifty years and in my youth, over 70 years ago, it was our very favorite. My great-grandchildren will hopefully get the same pleasure and enjoyment from it.
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