Half Length Shovel & Leaf-Shaped Hoe

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Half Length Shovel & Leaf-Shaped Hoe
hand crafted at a 4th generation german forge
54A03.21 Leaf Shaped Hoe

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54A03.23 Half Length Shovel

In stock


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This unusually long Hand Shovel and its companion Leaf Shaped Hoe, feature slightly-longer handles, for substantial ergonomic advantage in the efficiency of movement. With its 11" handle, the Shovel is great for Spring chores like planting bulbs and filling pots from a soil bag.
Use the Hoe with its 16½" handle to furrow the soil for planting. The practical function of the leaf shape is to provide for various width and depths of your furrow line – the deeper you use it, the wider the furrow will be. Put the tools to work for light digging, aeration and weeding. Both handles are European Ash.

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