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Leather Axe Holster
$ 36
Hand crafted one piece at a time from 10/12 oz. vegetable-tanned Saddle Skirting, a stiff, durable tooling leather about 3/16” thick. The keeper strap is military-grade 550 lb. paracord with a mountaineers-style Ellipse cord lock. When the keeper is engaged, the axe is completely safe and secure, yet easily accessible if needed. Flat-head brass rivets help prevent marring of axe and waistband.

The inner diameter of the holster is approx. 2 and can be “trained” into an oblong 2.5" x 1", if needed. The belt loop strap can accommodate up to a 2” belt. Leather is hand-rubbed and treated with premium-grade weather protectant.

Made by a seasoned canoeist and wilderness trekker adhering to straight-forward timeless design and working with traditional, antique tools, the Axe Holster is complete in design and function, and field-tested by Algonquin Park canoe guides and timber cruisers. For axes, hatchets, hammers, small tripods, telescopes and other outdoor gear and hand tools.
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