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Leather Care Kit
$ 9.9500
Extend the life of your leather gear while evening out surface scratches with our Leather Care Kit. Works great on all tanned leather products: shoes, purses, messenger bags, briefcases, belts, even leather upholstery.

To use, simply dampen a cloth, sponge or pad (or spray a little water directly into the soap tin), rub the cloth lightly over the soap, apply it to your leather, and when it dries wipe off with a dry cloth. Your leather will look like new. Repairs scratches and blemishes, and returns leather to its original look, while conditioning and extending the life of your leather goods.

The tin is a generous 12 ounces, the thick Shearling pads are 3" x 3". Saddle soap gives off only a very mild odor. Make sure to include our Leather Care Kit when ordering any of our great leather products.
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