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Sale Leather-Cased Pocket Tape Measure
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12A03.03 Leather-Cased Tape

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The soft leather case on this locking tape measure encloses a 120" (10 ft) durable and flexible polyester tape marked in inches on one side and inches/metric on the other. It has automatic ratchet stops as you pull it out, and pressing the middle of the case retracts it instantly.

We all have tape measures and use them all the time. They are perhaps as ubiquitous a tool as exists (other than a knife). So why not rely on one that feels comfortable in the hand and just looks good? We love this one and enthusiastically recommend it. USA made. Makes a great gift too.

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Overall Rating
  • Ease of use.

    Rob Hoag, 7/6/2020 My wife loves using this in her quilting.
  • Flexible, useful pocket tape measure

    Steven, 4/14/2020 This tape is great for those situations where a traditional metal tape measure won't work. Such as measuring around corners, or curves; or, taking various measurements on people for clothing, and gear. The case, and self retracting mechanism helps prevent, and reduce the tangle that can occur with a standard cloth tape measure.
  • Handy Ladder

    Michael, 7/7/2019 Handy, easy to carry and use. Compact and durable.
  • First Class Pocket Tape

    Michael, 7/7/2019 Very nice item, well made and easy to use. Attractive leather case.
  • Like it.

    MATTHEW B GELLER, 12/31/2018 Like it!
  • Wonderful upgrade for seamstress!

    Diane Henry, 12/27/2018 I bought this tape for my daughter who sews and designs clothes. It's so much better than a loose cloth tape! Retracts perfectly, and is light weight and comfortable in the pocket. She loves it!
  • Wish I had this years ago

    Steve, 12/2/2018 For those with the spaghetti mess that traditional cloth measuring tapes quickly become this is fantastic. One of my best purchases in a long while. Glad I took two or I would be struggling for possession with my wife.
  • Great for a Knitter

    Kirk, 12/16/2017 I bought this for my wife. She likes the feel of the leather and the quality of the tape. I like it much more than her old one: the clicks as the tape is withdrawn are quiet and the rewind is not so fast that she loses hold of the end of the tape.
  • Tale of the tape.

    Keith, 11/17/2017 Have you ever tried to use a standard metal tape measure to determine the length of materials with which to wrap something in a spiral. Good luck. This little tape is not only perfect for projects like that, but it automatically locks in position as you pull out the tape. It also allow you to retract the tape in small increments, which is very handy. Well made, perfect size and practical. I bought it as a gift for my son to use in his workshop, but like it so much, I plan to order one for my own use.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner November 2017 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Keith!!
  • Great

    Herbert Schmidt, 10/29/2017 Great
  • Best Buy 2

    Elizabeth, 8/11/2017 I have to admit to using this in an different manner. I am a nurse and use mine to measure the height, etc. of my patients. Easy to use and fits in my pocket without added weight or unrolling. Sturdier than the plastic gizmos they sell in the medical shops for this purpose.
    I got the second one for my husband and he says it is great in the shop, lightweight enough to carry all day in your pocket.
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