Leather Crafting Set

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Leather Crafting Set
Includes the set of Three Leatherwork Knives PLUS our Hobbyist’s Bench Hook
75A01.96 Leather Crafting Set

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Perfect for leather or any craft project. The three, 7"-long knives feature elegant rosewood scales. The Left and Right beveled knives (1/8" thick) make straight cuts, while the 1/16" thick Half-Moon knife makes straight or curved cuts.

The 12" x 16" Bench Hook turns any table into a workspace while protecting it from sharp edges and mess. A fence on the left side and a backstop corrals your larger items, while a V-notch in the back-stop cradles small items. Saw guides allow cuts of 45º right, 45º left and 90º. Made of unsealed beech.

Also sold individually:
Bench Hook
Three Leatherwork Crafting Knives

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