Leather Finger Guards

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Bestseller Leather Finger Guards
Protect your fingertips while working, without bulky gloves
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38A02.11 Finger Guards (3) Small

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38A02.21 Finger Guards (6) Small

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38A02.12 Finger Guards (3) Large

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38A02.22 Finger Guards (6) Large

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These clever little Finger Guards, made for us in France from soft, tough suede, hold tightly to your fingertips with elastic straps, and protect them during tasks like whittling, sewing, sanding, etc. Comfortable and secure, they extend approximately to the second knuckle, and offer the kind of manual dexterity you can’t get while using work gloves. We have to admit we thought they were a bit unusual when we first saw them, but they are perfect for a range of tasks around the house and shop.

The regular sized set of 6 guards includes a pair of Guards for your thumbs and four Guards for your index and middle fingers on each hand. We are also offering the same combination in slightly smaller sizes. Of course, you may want to only cover one hand, and for that we offer the same selection of sizes in a set of three. Very handy to have around.
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  • Leather Finger Gaurds

    Shane, 12/10/2017 Very good quality.
  • Leather Finger guards

    Nancy Fecher, 10/26/2017 Very Good
  • Great product!

    Tim, 9/19/2017 These finger guards are super-handy. I'm using them in a situation where I need protection, dexterity and a little heat protection. The leather is just thick enough to do the job without being cumbersome. The elastic is sturdy and stands up to repeated application and removal.
  • Perfect for gunsmithing workshop

    Gidge, 9/15/2017 Purchased for gunsmithing, disassembly and reassembly of automatic pistols, especially spring and guide rod.
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