Gardening Holster Set, With Hand Pruner & Digger
$ 97.5
This high quality, comfortable, dual-pocket USA made leather holster will snugly hold two of our most popular gardening items: our Professional Hand Pruner and Exceptionally Strong Garden Digger. Heavy grain leather, strong stitching, and a belt loop make this custom item not only practical and durable but fine looking as well. A small slot at the bottom of the holster allows debris to drop out. The two tools fit beautifully in their slots so that they are out of the way, but at your side when you need them.

The bypass Pruner has forged carbon-steel blades that will tackle your pruning chores quickly and easily. Has a lightweight aluminum body, anti-slip plastic-coated handles and a safety toggle keeps the blades closed when not in use. 8-1/2” long. The Digger is a durable, everyday tool for weeding, loosening soil, and planting. We use an exceptionally strong Japanese stainless-steel blade that's a full 1/8" thick and 6-3/4" long. The one side-row of serrated teeth can break up tough root-balls. The tropical redwood handle provides comfort and toughness.

There are many holsters out there for single tools, but we saw a lack of good options for carrying more than one tool at a time. We solved the problem by making one ourselves. Buy the holster as a set with the pruner and digger and save!

Sheath Dimensions: Overall length: 12-¾". 3-½" at widest point
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