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Leather Scribing Tool
$ 99.95
Leatherworker’s Scratch Compass kit includes the adjustable compass frame, three racers (narrow, medium and wide), plus an extra point. With this versatile combination, you can mark arcs and circles using light marks or deep gouges. Or use it for making guidelines and sewing grooves parallel to the edges of your work piece. To make grooves that protect your thread from abrasion, (and keeps your stitches neat) select the racer that will give you enough width to hold your thread size. Multi-purpose & reliable, made of polished, solid steel. Frame is 6-1/2” in length & weighs 4-1/2 oz. Maximum opening is 8-1/2” between the points. Made in the USA to endure the rigors of professional use, this is a first-class tool that’s a real joy to use.
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