Leatherwork Stitching Pony

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Leatherwork Stitching Pony
an extra hand when working with leather
26F01.07 Leatherwork Stitching Pony

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A “saddle stitch” is the classic way to make beautiful leather projects. But it can be challenging because it requires both hands simultaneously wielding two needles. This tricky task made infinitely easier by using a “Stitching Pony”, which is a simple clamp that holds your work for you. The leather lined jaws are 2 3/8" wide and rise 17" from the base. They also can be rotated 360 degrees, so you can work at your preferred angle. Jaw tension is controlled by a thumb screw, which has two different positions. One jaw is hinged, for holding bulky projects (in which case, you would add a small clamp for tension). There are two magnets built into the side for resting your needles. Believe it or not, it’s made of varnished Beechwood in a Medieval French village long-renowned for its crafts work.

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