Heavy Duty Shatterproof LED Lights

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Clearance Heavy Duty Shatterproof LED Lights
Bright LED Technology – Robust & Rated for 25,000 Hours
07S17.11 LED Standard Wet/Dry 2,570L Bulb

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07S17.12 LED Ex-Large Wet/Dry 4,275L Bulb

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The special “bulging-shaped” shatterproof polycarbonate lens spread the illumination in a much more expansive fashion than a “normal” bulb. This writer has lots of experience with high wattage incandescent bulbs and he was stunned by how much light special LED’s produce. Screwed in to any standard domestic Edison socket (110-230V), these give off an absolutely astonishing amount of area illumination. The Standard Bulb (2,570 Lumens) is listed as the nominal equivalent of a 125 Watt and the Extra Large size (4,275 Lumens) is the nominal equivalent of two 150 Watt incandescent bulbs. And as LED’s they, of course, consume much less energy. The color emitted is natural daylight and the surface of the bulb itself is always cool and safe to touch. Perfect for large, dark spaces and can also be used outdoors in a wet environment. We think they are splendid and are highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
  • Bright and robust

    Mark, 3/5/2020 I bought one of each size. Small one in the low ceilinged basement, large in taller garage shop. Both definitely add a good deal of light to the space. These project down and out more than up which might matter to you depending on where you put them. The construction seems solid and the glass thicker than a normal light bulb. It works fine in my unheated garage in winter which is an advantage over flourescent bulbs. I will buy more soon.
  • Perfect product in all ways

    Cathryn , 2/24/2020 Great bulb—it will outlive us as well! We purchased the smaller size for garage. Has met every expectation and even brighter than imagined.
  • LED Ex-Large Wet/Dry 4,275L Bulb review

    Donald Rosewater, 11/12/2019 Very very bright, just like they say. Excellent bulb for when more light is needed.
  • Best Ever Light Bulbs

    Doris Granger, 12/18/2018 I purchased two of the small bulbs for our basement where our so-called laundry room is located (which is an unfinished, dark, dismal basement). Now, hopefully, my husband won't be able to complain about mismatched socks. The bulbs do a fantastic job. Love them!!!
  • Led lights

    Louis, 12/4/2018 Highly recommend these lights. I purchase the large bulb because I have 10 foot ceilings. You might want to purchase the smaller bulb if you ceilings are 8 feet.
  • Bright Addition

    Joan G., 11/16/2018 Glad I bought 2 of these- once I used the first one, I knew I wanted more, these really add substantial light for generic purposes in my basement and shop in a way no others have before. And never will need to be replaced!
  • Great lights

    G. W. McGuire, 11/10/2018 More than enough light in the three car garage. In fact the wife says it is to much! But since I'm the one working there the two I have will stay up.
  • Chickens love it!

    David Kobos, 7/30/2018 The two LED lights are stars. We have an enormous 1800 sq. ft. chicken coop that has always had inadequate lighting from 3 overhead sockets. The chicken half got the lesser bulb, the storage half the large one. Brilliant!
  • Brst LED Ever

    Ruth P., 7/15/2018 A perfect way to light up a dark basement. Throws out light all around - full 360 degrees. Anytime I need a bulb this is the one I will buy.
  • Just the Ticket for My Garage

    jvit, 6/24/2018 I've been looking for LED bulbs to replace the 200w incandescent bulbs in my garage for over a year. I was just about to have an electrician install some Canopy Lights when I saw your catalog with the LED Big Bulb (4275 Lumens). That's exactly what I was looking for, the price was reasonable, and I didn't need to hire an electrician! Great product!
  • I'm Happy with it.

    Pete Williams, 6/4/2018 This light seemed a little expensive, but I am glad I spent the money. It lights up a double garage from one end to the other. Go for it!!
  • Light is worth the money!

    Jane deVos, 5/6/2018 Bought the Extra Large version for my attic. It's well made, and the light output is terrific. The "cool to the touch" and shatterproof lens features of this unit prompted my purchase, Very pleased with both the product and the service from Garrett Wade.
  • Heavy duty LED light

    Richard Hopla, 3/31/2018 Very high quality construction with large heat sink to prolong life under adverse conditions. Really lights up a garage. Daylight color balance a plus.
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