LED Utility Flashlight Special

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LED Utility Flashlight Special
23T02.77 LED Utility Flashlight Special

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While the 120 lumen light is not one of our MilSpec lights, it’s a fraction of the price. Buy one each for your house, car, and shop. The throw is about 250 ft. and the beam is a fairly tight spot. (It uses 2 AA batteries, not supplied.)

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34 reviews 0 5 4.7
Overall Rating
  • LED Flash Light

    David, 6/9/2019 Love the illumination options and the handy size
  • QUALITY and Free

    Kelly S., 5/3/2019 Wasn't going to expect much when a free flashlight was added to my order but this is a quality light.
  • Nice little Flashlight

    Roy, 4/29/2019 Nice little “free” flashlight. What’s not to like.
  • Turn off the strobe, your blinding me

    Micheal, 4/25/2019 Outstanding at the SRP , since there isn't a 6th star for rating, !OUTSTANDING! as a purchase premium!!! Though it does need a RED lens for keeping your night vision. Or when using the strobe!
  • LED Flashlight

    Jim, 4/19/2019 Excellent
  • Flashlight gift

    Judy Gregory, 4/14/2019 Would have been great if had instructions.
  • Great for a freebie.

    W.K. Wilcox, 3/30/2019 Great for a freebie.
  • Flash light with purchase

    Ed , 3/24/2019 Excellent little flash light. Although it was free with purchase, it throws a long beam. I commend Garret Wade for such a gift.
  • Free-bee Flashlight

    Scott Tollefson, 3/22/2019 Seems solid, and nice and bright for a AA NiMH...hope it stands up to time and a beating. Can't go wrong as it was a free gift.
  • It was free with my purchase!

    Mark, 3/7/2019 Goes into and out of strobe, low, and high light features better than flashlights I’ve paid twice as much for.
  • Light up YOUR life!!

    Lewis Durrett, 3/1/2019 Excellent product, highly recommended to anyone who needs a dependable and durable flashlight
  • Great light

    Eric, 2/28/2019 Great light, glad to have this free gift it was very useful
  • LED Utility Flashlight Special

    Richard, 2/25/2019 The flashlight was a thoughtful and useful gift. We have experienced several bad storms, including a hurricane, and have experienced several substantial power outages. This will come in handy. We are pleased with this flashlight.
  • Great size.

    Michael Giordano, 2/25/2019 Great size for a toolbox, also very bright.
  • Very nice flashlight

    Al P, 2/23/2019 I was not expecting to be impressed by this flashlight but was. With 3 modes, high, medium & strobe that are easy to cycle through it’s easy to get what you need quickly. Rubberized activation button seems solid so far. This was a freebie with my order and again wasn’t expecting much, but would certainly recommend this light.
  • Dispel the Darkness

    Arthur Fournier, 2/17/2019 Very nice flashlight with a powerful beam. Even better is that it was offered as a premium with my first order - can't beat that.
  • Love the light

    Gary Klee , 2/9/2019 Just the flashlight I need in so many instances
  • All in One

    James, 2/4/2019 The perfect flashlight - slim, lightweight, lanyard, bright and 3 beam options!
  • Great Perk!!!

    LeeBear, 2/2/2019 Great little flash light, solid body and great sales perk.
  • Great GWP.

    Larry E., 1/28/2019 Nice light.
    High Quality.
  • handy

    Sally, 1/26/2019 Nice size, several types of light rays (dazzling strobe). Thank you for offering it as a perq.
  • Good

    David, 1/20/2019 Solid build, good materials
  • Not bad

    Jakob Brekhus, 1/15/2019 AA battery LED flashlight. common features . sturdy build. easy to use. not bad for free.
  • Great Flashlight

    Deborah , 1/13/2019 Very lightweight and easy to carry and excellent light.
  • Led flashlight

    Jevin , 1/8/2019 Lightweight. Compact.
  • Bright and compact.

    Chris Racette, 1/7/2019 Very nice and very bright light! Perfect for fitting in my pocket on late night dog walks. I’ve dropped it several times and no harm done.
  • Nice compact flashlight

    Jim, 1/6/2019 Nice little flashlight. Don't let the small size fool you. Great to use when walking the dog after dark or while walking the neighborhood to alert vehicles of your presence.
  • Mr

    Bob, 1/5/2019 The light looks to be made of quality materials. It works very well with a good bright beam.
  • led utility flashlight special!

    priscilla, 1/4/2019 Great little light and it came sooner than we expected. When we decided to buy a gift certificate, we had no idea we were going to get this cool little flashlight. So our 9 year old grandson got an extra Christmas gift and was thrilled!
  • Grip Problems?

    Patricia C Hedtke, 1/2/2019 Little hard to load if you have grip problems. But once loaded bright clear light.
  • Lightweight and Bright Flashlight

    Zima, 12/25/2018 Light weight and small and very bright light!
    This flashlight is not flimsy like other at big box store and easy to store in van for ER needs.
  • Flashlight review

    Martha Van Natta, 11/24/2018 This seems to be fine. I bought it for a Christmas present for my son.
  • flashlight

    Rose, 11/24/2018 light is bright
  • kids love it

    Wilhelm Meisinger, 11/19/2018 Well made and easy to assemble
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