40th Anniversary Letter

We celebrate our 40th Anniversary with the introduction of this brand new website that we intend to be a “best-in-class”. If you’ve shopped with us before, thank you for your business! If you are new to Garrett Wade, welcome to the site.

I founded Garrett Wade in large part because of an inspirational junior high school woodworking shop teacher. In that class, I learned a tremendous amount about the craft of woodworking and most importantly about myself.

40 years ago I started Garrett Wade with the initial goal of making available again to professional and amateurs alike those critically important, hard-to-find hand tools that I found so important to work with. In the last 15 years markets have developed and customers have asked for other items that passed our tests for uniqueness, good design and high quality function. And we have gradually shifted from this sole concentration on woodworking, adding work done outdoors and broader categories of activities in the home involving the use of tools with our hands. In recent years, we have expanded our vision to include a pioneering selection of very hi-tech hand-held flashlights, unusual classic items for the home such as oil lamps, and at holiday time, the most exceptional group of traditional gift toys in the entire country for children and adults alike.

And I am proud of these accomplishments, as our customers vote their approval. As always, we search the world for the best we can find and do our very best to bring solid real value. Our mission continues to be to uncover tools and other items for you that will enrich your life and hopefully make your heart beat just a little bit faster.

Today our selection is disparate and varied and we intend that new categories remain the heart and soul of our work here. We are deeply grateful to all of you for making this voyage possible.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Garrett Wade