Italian Letter Opener and Scissor Set

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Italian Letter Opener and Scissor Set
Fits neatly in a corked-backed leather case
Makes a handsome gift
65S01.23 Italian Letter Opener and Scissor Set

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Dressing up the home writing desk? Sending your oldest off to school? Moved to a new office? How about this elegant, gold-plated Letter Opener & Scissor Desk Set to make just the right statement? In a handsome cork-backed leather wallet?

Each element of this beautiful set - opener, scissors & case - reflects the fluid line and sumptuous finish of classic Italian design (the excellent leatherwork and stitching in the wallet alone puts one in mind of a classy little sports car, actually). A very clever touch is how the curve of the opener's handle acts as a spring against the scissors to insure a snug, secure fit in the wallet. It’s just really neat and fun. Bravo! Made in Italy.

Note: The color of the leather case has changed. Instead of tan, the new color is black. It’s shape and style remains the same.

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Overall Rating
  • Letter Opener/ Scissor Set

    Kaye, 7/15/2020 Loved the Scissors-Letter Opener item I ordered. I ordered two sets and had them engraved for graduation gifts.
    Two problems: (1) There was a type of 'sticker' residue on the blade of each letter opener. It was easily removed with a metal cleaner I had.
    (2) The engraver said he could not engrave the handle of the letter opener because the gold overlay would flake during the process. Therefore, I had the blade engraved.
    Other than those two problems, I believe it is a great gift for a student leaving for college.

  • Great functional quality; expect minor cosmetic defects

    Bradford, 5/28/2020 I bought this set because of the attractive design from the photos and the quality I expected from the description and customer reviews.

    These scissors cut paper smoothly and cleanly, and the letter opener slices through envelopes better than any other I have tried. These tools are a pleasure to use. I'm very happy with how they function.

    Perhaps I'm a bit persnickety, but the cosmetic quality of the set fell short of my expectations. First, the round handles are not centered on the round part of the case backing, as pictured; when fully inserted, they fall almost an inch lower. Second, the scissor handles are slightly misaligned, with the face of one handle a bit higher than the other instead of being flush (this does not affect function). Third, one handle had some pitting that could have been smoothed out during manufacturing. Last, the gold-plated finish had some minor scuff marks that I cannot buff out. The plating seems to be very thin. I am starting to notice some wear-through after a few months of light use.

    I asked Garrett Wade for a replacement because of the cosmetic defects, but the new set looked similar, and was even worse because of a couple nicked corners. I decided to keep the original set. I try not to look too closely, but that's difficult because it's such a handsome design!

  • Meaningful 50th Anniversary gift!

    Frances Jones , 5/22/2020 My husband and I just celebrated our 50th anniversary. I immediately thought of your catalog as a great source to find a unique and well created gift for my husband. When I came across the Set Ufficio encased in leather I knew I had found the perfect gift! The elegant Italian scissors were two-tone being gold and silver as was the beautiful letter opener. Gold is the 50th anniversary marker so it all fit! Incidentally he loved it and talked about passing it on to his grandson. A legacy gift.
  • Most used item I’ve bought

    James, 1/26/2020 I use this every day and it is such a handy tool to have. Looks great sitting on the table and is most useful daily for mail.
  • Lovely scissor set

    Anne Strait, 7/16/2019 Treated myself to these scissors and letter opener. The long blades make cutting straight lines easy.
  • Beautiful, Functional Simplicity

    Rebecca, 4/26/2019 I bought this as a gift for my husband for our anniversary. He has been opening letters/mail for years with a kitchen knife :) This set is so much more than functional. It is gorgeous with a sleek, modern design and quite compact. My husband hasn't received it yet, but I know he's going to love it! I would not hesitate to order from Garrett Wade again in the future.
  • Attractive and Useful

    Fern , 11/25/2018 This Letter Opener and Scissor Set is elegant to look at, doesn't take up too much space and each item works well.
  • Functional letter opener with scissor

    Bernice, 11/11/2018 I just love the letter opener with scissor. Having the leather holder was the cherry on top. These items are beautiful and functional. My pet peeve is the way they were packed, much to be desired. Otherwise don't hesitate to get one for yourself.
  • Two heirlooms having their beginning

    Ross Arnold, 2/23/2018 I bought this item for my son who just finished remodeling his home which included a new office. This item along with a new thermometer/hygrometer from GW will forever grace desktop space. Moreover, it will get used and observed.
  • This set goes in the Will!

    Ronald Hornung, 10/6/2016 40 years ago I won this set in a sales contest; 20 years ago, I inherited the set my In-laws had for over 50 years. Both sets are in perfect shape having been in constant use as are the leather cases. I found this site by searching for this set to give as a gift. They are, by far, the best scissors I've ever used.
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