Lie-Nielsen Adjustable Mouth Block Planes

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Lie-Nielsen Adjustable Mouth Block Planes
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10P28.01 Lie-Nielsen Low Angle Adj

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10P28.02 Repl. Blade L-N Adj Block

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15C02.01 Lie-Nielsen Standard Adj Block

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Block planes are among the most important tools in any shop, and these Lie-Nielsen planes are phenomenal tools. The sole is dead flat. Stainless steel captive nut adjustment, with other parts made of brass (except the cap iron, which is made of bronze).

The standard 20 degree blade angle model works best on side and face grain. The low-angle 12 degree model works best for fine trim work and on end grain. All blades are cryogenically treated A2 steel.
  • Plane body: 6-1/4 long.
  • Blade width: 1-3/8"
  • Blade thickness: 1/8"

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  • Lie Nielsen Block Plane

    William Price, 7/8/2009 The Lie Nielsen block plane is the smoothest plane I have. The extra thick blade is perfect. Sharp out of the box and a joy to use years later
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