Lie-Nielsen Bench Planes

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Lie-Nielsen Bench Planes
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18P01.02 Repl. Blade For Ln No. 4 & 5

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18P02.01 Lie-Nielsen #4 Bronze Plane

Item Currently Unavailable


Lie-Nielsen bodies are either solid cast Manganese Bronze or special Ductile Iron (the bronze is a bit heavier), and beautifully machined. The frogs and all mating surfaces are also fully machined and fully adjustable. The blades are hardened to a Rc 60-62. All blades are cryogenically treated A2 steel.

The No. 4 Lie-Nielsen planes are made in the form of Stanley's old bedrock" planes - which were the top-of-the-line tools until they went out of production about 50 years ago. The No. 4 is 9-1/2" long with a blade 2" wide.
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  • Excellent Craftsmanship

    Andrew, 12/26/2016 Excellent craftsmanship. Came sharp right out of the box. I highly recommend!
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