Cabinetmaker's Scraper Blades

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Cabinetmaker's Scraper Blades
Exceptional flexibility in a range of sizes
19N06.01 .020 In. Lie-Nielsen Scraper

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19N06.02 .032 In. Lie-Nielsen Scraper

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19N06.10 Pair Flat Scrapers

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The Swedish firm Sandvik used to make the scraper blade prized by craftsmen everywhere, until they discontinued it. Now, Lie-Nielsen has filled the void, and even gone one better by making the tool available in a thinner stock (.020") as well as the traditional (.032") thickness (both sized 2-1/2 x 6"). The edges are precision milled. This scraper gives you exceptional flexibility. Select the pair and save.

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Overall Rating
  • Love this finishing tool!

    Carol Fink, 3/4/2019 I am so amazed on how this tool works. I am a beginner at carving spoons and love this tool. I find the ease of shaping my final thought are so easy. Plus, my sanding is now so minimal. Who knew that this tool would make my love for this new craft so cool!
  • Excellent Results with Scrapers

    Charles Alvernaz, 12/4/2017 Excellent results. I never used a scraper before, but really like the results, Really provides a smooth finish.
  • Excellent finishing tool

    Patrick Files, 5/23/2017 Never used a scraper before, so I was happy to find this .032 scraper to be a real pleasure to use. I've never seen a smoother finish.
  • VERY useful set of Curved scrapers

    clarence, 3/10/2017 Thought it was a Great value for the set of # French scrapers But did Not know how useful they were going to be!! Made QUICK work of scraping and refinishing two sets of Lathe turning tool hardwood handles; removing shellac or cheap varnish expertly and efficiently. & you also get a straight edge option!!
  • Cabninet makers Scrapers

    Ron Grist, 1/27/2017 Scrapers are of exceptional quality. However, once they get your email address, be prepared for a daily torrent of email. I asked them to stop but keep getting them.
  • Superior Product!

    Dale Griggs , 1/20/2017 I have used various brands of card scrapers in my furniture building over the years and have been mostly disappointed and reverted back to tedious sanding. I now repair and build fine acoustic and electric guitars. Owners of musical instruments demand the very finest finish so I decided to give card scrapers another try. The Lie-Nielsen Cabinet Makers Scraper Blades came to me from Garrett Wade as advertised. Fine hardened steel milled to perfection and ready for the burnish rod. I am amazed at the shavings as thin as onion skin. Superior product!
  • Pair of Lie-Neilson Cabinet Scrapers

    Keith Staton, 1/14/2017 Great card scrapers, exactly what I needed for working some very figured wood. The 0.032 & 0.020 work perfectly together. Mine had a great burr already on and performed very well right out of the package.
  • Scrapers are the best

    Michelle, 1/3/2017 Scrapers are great! and these dont disappoint.
  • Spoon Carving

    Lee, 12/27/2014 These work great for carving spoons!
  • Good Quality

    Vincent, 11/30/2014 Very nice quality, worth to buy. A must have in your work shop. Handy stuff.
  • Great except........

    D Fleming, 6/14/2010 Having been a lifelong fan of LIE-NIELSON, I was suprised that the scrapers didn't come pre-sharpenned. If you are going to buy these, don't expect to use them right out of the box. You better buy a burnisher too!
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