Lifetime Garden Hose and Rack Set

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Lifetime Garden Hose and Rack Set
two of our popular watering tools at a saving!
14T01.30 Lifetime Watering Set

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39A01.06 Smaller Cast Hose Rack- 13" Wide

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The set comes with the nearly indestructible heavy-duty 3/16" thick solid cast aluminum hose rack, plus our 75 ft long ½" Stainless Steel, puncture-proof Garden hose. They are not cheap, the quality is superb, and they are built to last.

The Hose Rack is 13" wide and can easily accommodate up to 100 ft of ½" garden hose or 50 ft of 5/8" hose (more if you use long loops). The 75 ft. ½" Stainless Steel Garden Hose is kink proof, puncture-proof, tear and crack proof, animal-proof, and corrosion and rust-proof. The quality of both is superb. Very highly recommended.

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