Lighted Loupe Magnifier

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Lighted Loupe Magnifier
The nicest lighted loupe we've seen in our travels
14R01.01 Lighted Loupe Magnifier

Available 07/10/2019


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This can't be beat for close examination of small parts. Features a 30mm lens with 10X magnification; a 12 segment squared measuring grid built in the lens lets you proportion small parts. Flashlight uses 2 "C" cell batteries and a simple sturdy switch turns it on and off. Highly recommended for its quality.

Made in Japan.

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  • Handy Tool

    David S., 7/27/2013 I use it at work to read part numbers off worn aircraft components.
  • Excellent tool

    Carla T., 10/13/2010 I use this tool to examine textiles. The magnification is consistent and well lighted. There is a minimal amount of distortion on the edges, but not distracting. Excellent tool for any conservator.
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