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Sale Lightweight Respirator/Dust Mask
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18D01.01 Innovative Safety Mask (S/M)

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18D01.03 Innovative Safety Mask (M/L)

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18D01.02 Repl. Filters (1 pair)

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18D01.04 Respirator Case

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It's not that we need to wear one all the time. But when operating machinery, sanding, welding, or finishing, it simply is good practice to protect your lungs - for damage is cumulative.

Many do a decent job, but most are uncomfortable to wear because of their weight, make the wearing of eye protection awkward or block your sight lines because the filters hang off the front. But this low profile design and very light weight eliminate all those reasons not to wear one. NIOSH P100 filters are highly resistant to oil and protect against dust, mists, fume, and micro-organisms. Hypoallergenic. Highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
  • Just right

    Shirley, 3/23/2019 It fits well and doesn't feel like I'm air constricted. Air flows through. Dust, pollen and noxious odors stay out.
  • Excellent respirator/dust mask

    Don T., 1/1/2018 I was really pleased to see that the mask was made in England, a nice high quality product. The fit is very good and it is most comfortable to wear. Excellent in and out airflow due to the large dual filters. Not cumbersome and unwieldy like some I have used in the past.
  • Best respirator ever!

    Sprite, 11/1/2017 I bought this to deal with all the dust in a 100+ year old building that I need to clean out--pigeon poop and all. Half the size of my other respirator doesn't interfere with my glasses. Really great, can wear for several hours at a time. Like that you can purchase a protective case to store it in.
  • Great Respirator

    Jon Dunham, 11/26/2016 excellent fit, comfortable to wear and compacted enough to not get in the way of work.
  • Better than any other dust mask/lightweight respirator we've tried!

    Linda Daniel, 11/6/2016 Ordered this after discussing item with very helpful product specialist. We live on a 62 acre ranch which requires my husband to frequently mow, move hay bales and be exposed to dry, dusty conditions. He says the mask is comfortable and effective - we're both hoping the mask helps prevent exacerbation of respiratory distress: so far so good!
  • dust mask

    suzanne feehan, 10/7/2016 compact and light
  • Respirator / dust mask

    Dr. Peggy, 7/16/2016 My husband gets sinus headaches and this is the only respirator he wears that prevents the headaches. This is his second respirator of this model -- I think he wants one in the garage workshop and in the basement workshop so he doesn't have to search for where he left it. He has even worn it in the car during rush hour traffic -- that looks a bit strange, but it works. Thanks for offering this great product!
  • Respirator / Dust mask

    Mary Ellen Ziegler, 6/17/2016 This is one awesome mask! It's really low profile and snug fit has me so happy to finally own it! I am making flutes in July and the dust last time I made one really hurt my breathing. This is amazing - and I can easily wear my glasses and or goggles with it. I'm also allergic to cut grass - so I'm planning to keep it with me when I'm out and about during the summer. Thank you for such an amazing product!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner June 2016 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Mary Ellen!!
  • Excellent mask "."

    P T Lumbard, 5/6/2016 I've been using disposable masks and even purchased a lesser quality mask from a big box store and neither of them can compare to this little, lightweight gem of a mask.
  • Lightweight and easy to breath

    Mark Campbell, 3/26/2016 I've used many masks in both construction and paint/body work over the years. nd This is the best mask I've ever used. I concur that It is lightweight and much easier to breath in.
  • Best mask. Compact. Breaths easy.

    Mark, 3/4/2016 I love this. I've used other disposable and molded rubber masks, but these have nicer/better straps, and the low profile fits under my glasses and doesn't obstruct my vision much. I think there is also a little less resistance to air flow in both directions than the other mask I have with pink filter disks, so I tend to keep wearing it , rather than constantly removing it to breath more easily.
  • Breath With Glasses On..

    George Mitchell, 10/12/2015 Lightweight protection. No gasping for breath wearing this little gem. Glasses fit easily over top of mask. Double folded design keeps the seal maintained without constant adjustment. Paper masks absorb moisture this mask does not. Easy filter replacement. Can be washed because it's rubber. Of course remove the filters before doing so, I highly recommend this dust mask ,great for woodworking especially sawing.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner October 2015 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, George!!
  • Cuts Dust & Pollen

    John Cole, 9/20/2015 This was a great purchase for me. It fits my face and accommodates my glasses. Doesn't pinch or slip, and cuts the amount of dust & grass pollen generated when I mow our 1 acre lot. No sharp edges, and fills the need I had when I purchased.
  • All It's Cracked Up To Be

    Layne Lisser, 6/16/2015 As advertised, it is easy to see around, light on your face, and makes good contact to seal out dust. I used doing finish sanding on a carbon fiber engine cowling in preparation for painting. Although I did not need to replace the filters, I did try out the ease of their removal for future reference; piece of cake. Worth every penny!
  • Breathe Normally

    Jim McGann, 5/9/2015 I have severe allergies and suffer during grass cutting season. I need a mask that would allow me to breathe freely but stop allergens. This mask passes with colors and I would recommend it to all mowers and outdoor allergy sufferers. You won't find a better one at a comparable price. BUY TODAY!
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