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Linesman's Pliers
Our Hi-Leverage Linesman's Pliers require 40 less effort compared to conventional linesman's, side cutting and combination pliers. The forged-in axle of the joint ensures maximum durability and smooth operation. A cross-hatched serrated gripping zone provides firm gripping and pulling for demanding jobs like fencing and engaging heavy-gauge springs. An extra gripping area inside the joint provides an even higher degree of leverage. Cutting capacity is 3/16" for nails & wire pin, and 1/8" for braided wire rope and steel. The tips are tapered and ground flat for deburring conduit and junction boxes, while the flat face even makes a useful hammer in a pinch. With a fish tape puller and universal mandrel crimper. Overall length, 9-1/2"; weight, 15.3 oz.

The 7" Detailing Pliers fit the hand comfortably and are the choice for close-in detail work like installing an outlet, rewiring a lamp or repairing appliances. The tips are 3/8" wide for easy maneuverability and serrated to the tip for a secure grip. The head is tapered for deep access into crowded junction boxes, with shaped edges for deburring. A stepped relieved area in front of the cutter holds small nuts and bolts securely. Weight, 7.5 oz.

The universally useful Linesman's Pliers are a familiar tool, known widely as dependable, general purpose pliers for electrical, mechanical, fabrication, repair or maintenance work around the shop or home. They're an essential tool in a professional electrician's toolbox and are regularly used by auto mechanics, plumbers, AC contractors and carpenters. Quality Linesman's pliers would be one of the first tools that we'd recommend to a homeowner or dedicated DIYer.

Our high leverage New England-style Pliers and the more compact "Detailing" Pliers are made by Europe's premier manufacturer of industrial pliers for the professional trades. They are forged using tough vanadium tool steel, precision milled and oil hardened. The cutting edges are further induction-hardened (64 HRC) for durability and long life. Handles are ergonomically-designed and plastic-coated.
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