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Locking D-Rings
Our secure locking D-Rings are made from high-strength, light-weight, and corrosion-resistant polymer. Attach securely to 1-inch webbing (MOLLE-style) or any strap/handle. With a textured grip for safe use with gloved or wet hands. Fully enclosed stainless steel spring. Great for adding flexibility and functionality to manage your every-day-carry and don't-leave-home-without-it gear. Perform well in any environment, ideal for hiking and camping gear. Perfect for keys, water bottle and any utility items that you need access to quickly.

Created for military to carry accessories without adding excessive weight, noise or bulk. Although very strong, it's designed to break - away under a person's weight to prevent hang-ups therefore, it's not for lifesaving use. We've found it exceptionally handy to keep permanently on our backpacks or gym bag. Sold singly and as sets of 3 and 8. Made in USA.
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