Long Aircraft Drill Bit Set (10)

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Long Aircraft Drill Bit Set (10)
Extra long drill bits give you extra "reach"
07C01.04 Long Aircraft Drill Bit Set (10)

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You may only make use of them rarely, but when you need to reach that extra 3 or 4 inches these can't be beat. We have had a set of 10 made up for Garrett Wade - from 3/8" all the way down to a tiny 1/16". All are 12" long. For what you get, these are really inexpensive and we think they belong in every well equipped shop or toolbag. Keep them tightly bundled together as a bunch and they will take up very little room and be completely safe from damage. We are very pleased to find them.

Sizes: 1/16", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 9/32", 5/16", 11/32", 3/8"

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Overall Rating
  • Awesome drill bits

    John, 9/19/2020 Amazing how you almost never need something like this until you do. These bits are worth their weight in gold. Saved me serious money in repairing my bike.
  • couldn't find anywhere else as a set

    Merle, 7/7/2020 I own a few odd sizes of 12" drill bits, but always wanted a more complete set. This one filled the bill at a reasonable price.
  • drill bits

    Steven, 11/3/2019 bits are sharp and straight.
  • Air craft drill bits

    Charles, 7/18/2019 Just received them and I like their length. Haven't used them yet, but I am sure that I will find a project to use on. They look really great.
  • yes, the price was good, but having the longer bits is time saving!

    Dennis Fidler, 2/22/2019 It"s nice to have a drill bit that able to drill 4" to 5" deeper. Some times I'm not able to drill from both sides, and these longer bits makes it possible.
  • Great drill bits

    JOHN P. COSTELLO, 9/1/2018 I am a firearm armorer. The drills will make my job very much easier.
  • Works great

    jeremy smith, 5/7/2018 I have used these bits a few times and found them excellent. If you need the reach these will get there.
  • Good Addition to Any Toolset

    Rick, 8/21/2016 Difficult items to find at a reasonable price. These are very useful when drilling a deep hole or having to get at a hard to reach place. Definitely recommend as a "must have".
  • Great Drills

    Steve, 3/8/2016 Good for hard to reach areas and deeper holes. A good selection of sizes.
  • Just the ticket!

    George Dormoy, 3/6/2016 Great for long hidden holes to be drill in expensive raw wood blocks
  • Hard to Reach?

    Robert, 1/4/2014 If you ever needed to drill a deep hole or a hole in a hard to reach location? These are the bits you need!! I'll probably order another set for work.
  • Long Drill Bits

    Dennis, 6/24/2013 Great Drill Bit to reach that hard to reach place . Very high quality, great range of sizes
  • Long Bits

    Jimmy, 1/26/2012 Not perfect, but excellent if what you need is a long bit. There will be some wobble, but that is always expected with a bit of this length.
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