Long Handled Brush Clearing Hook

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Long Handled Brush Clearing Hook
A powerful hand tool for heavy, dense brush clearing
11B04.10 Long Handled Brush Clearing Hook

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The powerful tool can handle almost anything. The 31" long, ergonomic Ash handle and heavy duty steel head of this Long Handled Slash Hook make for easy swinging with plenty of cutting momentum. The 10-1/2" blade is double edged, and the hooked design helps with dragging out cut branches and other detritus. Ideal for rough cutting of thorn bushes and brambles, or simply as a quieter manual alternative to noisy, powered brush cutters.

Open up trails or clear thicket with this heavy duty tool--it’s built for taking down the tough stuff and reclaiming land from thick brush and weeds. We like it lot because it is such a powerful natural extension of your arm. German made.

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  • Just What I Needed

    CB Wismar, 5/1/2017 Excellent "heft" and cutting ability. Makes handling brush and small woody intruders quite easy. Solid feel and great German engineering.
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