Stand-up Hoe & Half-Hoe

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Stand-up Hoe & Half-Hoe
hand crafted at a 4th generation german forge
54A03.22 Long Handled Hoe

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54A03.24 Short Handled Half Hoe

Available 12/10/2020


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The Stand-up Hoe is a great, back-saving tool to help prepare your plant beds in Spring. The shorter Half-Hoe does the same job, but works better in small areas, while seated or kneeling, and for planting in raised beds. Use either for turning over soil and mixing in compost or peat. The Half-Hoe has an ergonomic shaped handle. The Stand-up Hoe’s handle flares near the head for strength, but narrows at the other end for an easier grip. The heads of each tool are the same, both 8" long x 4" wide. Handles are lightly oiled ash. Half Hoe is 17-½" long, Stand-up is 41-¼" long.

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  • Vegetable farmer

    Will, 12/18/2019 Excellent balance in hand and perfect length for ease of transplanting bedding plants.
  • Long Handle Hoe

    Jim Anderson, 7/12/2019 The hoe is great.The only improvement would be a longer handle.For me it’s about a foot too short.
  • 40 inch hoe

    don clifton, 6/26/2019 This 40 inch hoe is perfect for raised beds. In the Narrower trenches for green beans and tomatoes, it is fine for those narrow spaces to weed. Great tool.
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