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Winter Sale Long Bladed Paper Scissors
Extremely Sharp blades with Smooth cutting action
13C01.01 Long Paper & Fabric Scissors

Available 02/19/2019

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13C01.10 Long Paper/Fabric Scissors (2)

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We use these in our own photo studio to cut swaths of seamless photographic paper - a job at which they excel. But this scissor (called bent trimmers) cuts paper of all types exceptionally well. They are 11-1/2" long overall and extremely sharp. Made from premium stainless steel with durable plastic handles that have extra-large handle bows for comfortable use even over long hours.

Silky smooth action with adjustable pivot tension. The blade (6-1/2" long) comes to a point for precision cutting. This scissor excels at long as well as radius cuts. Bent profile and offset blade make these excellent for pattern cutting, maps, plans, and blueprints, or even just clippings from the newspaper. We think they're terrific. We have included a special low price for a pair.

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  • Paper scissors

    Belinda Peters, 12/19/2018 I am not a carpenter. I am an artist. When catalogues come in the mail, Garrett Wade is my favorite. I have found that products from this company are extremely well made. These scissors are PERFECT! I make books and their length of blade and sharpness are outstanding. I find them most useful.
  • Wonderful scissors

    K. Rust, 3/4/2016 I was looking for a longer bladed pair of scissors and these are perfect. They are well balanced go through thick stacks of paper very easily. Planning on ordering another pair for fabric ( as recommended!).
  • Great Pair Of Scissors

    Jimmy Washington, 3/4/2016 The best scissors I ever owned. Great length and very sharp. Cuts cutting time in half.
  • Long Scissors Just Right!

    Fran, 4/16/2014 I've been printing mailing labels on plain paper and sending out several package a week. I counted and each label with my regular scissors was taking 12 strokes. I wondered if there are scissors with very long blades so my work will take fewer strokes. The thought of doing a hard target search in town caused me to pause. A few minutes on internet led me to Garrett Wade's website where I found long paper & fabric scissors" for a reasonable price. I've received them quickly and tried them with their 7 inches of cutting edges and like what these scissors do. I've reduced my cutting strokes a lot, which saves time and wear on my hands. Thank you for a good product!"
  • Great Scissors

    Wendy, 11/21/2013 These scissors are terrific! The long sharp blades come in handy for heavy material or quilt batting. The handles are well formed and make cutting through thick" jobs a snap. A great quality product for the price."
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