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Clearance Lumber Storage System
Industrial Quality For Smaller Shops
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62K07.02 24 In. Wall Strap (Each)

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To keep lumber from bowing and warping, it must be stored flat. Our system makes maximum use of space. The quality is industrial and the components are nearly impossible to bend.

The 18" Bracket supports 300 lbs. at the tip and 600 lbs. along its entire length, which means that 3 brackets will hold 1800 lbs. The shorter brackets will support even more. The capacity of the system is effectively limited only by the strength of the wall and the attachment.

The wall straps are heavy-duty industrial products, not typical consumer items, made from 3/16" thick rolled steel, with 1/4" thick corner sections. Shelf holes are 1-1/2" apart. Everything is hot-dipped galvanized (not plated), and therefore non-rusting and non-marking. In general, straps should be spaced about 3' apart, but 2' is better.

Get started with a Shop Lumber System, consisting of three 24" Straps, plus six 14" Shelf Brackets. (US ground shipping only available.)

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  • The Best You Will Find !

    Montana Kit, 12/15/2017 First, You can't find a better heavy duty shelf standard system. I have been using these since about 1993 in my shop, never had a problem. I have a different take on mounting. I drill 1/4" holes between the bracket slots and counter sink them. Then I use # 14 x 3" SPAX screws to mount them into a 2X4 wall,this way I don't lose any spacing adjustment. The heavier I'm going to load, the more holes I drill, but not closer than 6" apart. I only mount them to stud walls, most with 3/4" plywood on it.
  • great but with a question

    Mountaindog Woodworks, 5/7/2017 I have a set of these racks that I have used the last 8 years and they are great. But my woodshop was hit by an avalanche this year and I have relocated to an industrial space that has 16ga metal studs in the walls. Can those support the weight?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for your comments on the Lumbar Storage System. We're pleased to hear how happy you are with them, but sorry to hear about the avalanche! Our product specialist suggested that you find out how much weight you will be putting on each of the brackets, and what type of fastener you will be using. You will then need to ask a contractor, as he would have the expertise to do the calculations. Good luck in your new shop!

  • Lumber Racks

    Michael Cowling, 3/29/2015 This is an excellent product, Heavy duty and galvanized and very easy to instal. I had a concrete wall that I attached it to. I ramset 2x8's to the wall and then screwed 2x4's to the 2x8. I attached the brackets with 3/8 dia lag screws 3 long c/w washers. These brackets are not going anywhere they will support more than what is advertized. "
  • Tough Enough!

    Mel, 12/1/2014 I purchased this system back in 1997 for my previous shop. In my new small shop setting I knew lumber had to go up to preserve space and this is the only system I have found that I would trust to hold significant weight. And it has once again worked out very well. I will be ordering additional pieces very soon. If your wall can take it you know this system will more than do the job.
  • Super Heavy Duty Hangers

    MRG, 9/15/2009 First off, these brackets are designed for use in prefab manholes to attach multiple runs of communications cable, piping, etc. I know, I installed plenty of it. GW's reply on how to install is right on target. You will never be able to overload these brackets if attached to wood as the wood will fail first.Use a lag screw that is at least 5/16x2 long along with fender washers that are at least 1 1/2" in diameter. If you can use nuts and bolts, do so and use graded fasteners to match the strength of the brackets Whatever you attach these brackets to has to be STRONG. No Sheetrock and anchors. They are heavy industrial parts and you will need to use a 3/4" solid wood shelf if spanning more than 16" or you will most likely have sag issues. They are really not designed to install into a wood 2x4, but if you trust your wall, these brackets can be used with great success. "
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