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Lumber Storage System
To keep lumber from bowing and warping, it must be stored flat. Our system makes maximum use of space. The quality is industrial and the components are nearly impossible to bend.

The 18" Bracket supports 300 lbs. at the tip and 600 lbs. along its entire length, which means that 3 brackets will hold 1800 lbs. The shorter brackets will support even more. The capacity of the system is effectively limited only by the strength of the wall and the attachment.

The wall straps are heavy-duty industrial products, not typical consumer items, made from 3/16" thick rolled steel, with 1/4" thick corner sections. Shelf holes are 1-1/2" apart. Everything is hot-dipped galvanized (not plated), and therefore non-rusting and non-marking. In general, straps should be spaced about 3' apart, but 2' is better.

Get started with a Shop Lumber System, consisting of three 24" Straps, plus six 14" Shelf Brackets. (US ground shipping only available.)
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