Machined Brass Seam Ripper

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New Machined Brass Seam Ripper
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63T06.02 Machined Brass Seam Ripper

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63T06.30 Brass Seam Ripper (2)

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The seam ripper’s job is to remove stitches, open seams, and sometimes cut buttonholes. These are all important parts of most sewing projects, yet the typical seam ripper is so cheaply (and poorly) made, it comes by the dozen. We’ve changed this. Our seam ripper has a precisely machined brass body and cap, and the very best Japanese steel blade. Its weight helps keep it steady as you work. The handle is a hollow compartment for storing needles, secured by a simple cap that screws into place. Altogether, this is a tool designed to work wonderfully, look beautiful and last a lifetime. Length is 5½".

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