Magnetic Bevel Box

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Magnetic Bevel Box
The most precise way to measure table saw blade angle
96T01.07 Magnetic Bevel Box

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Also equally useful is setting machine table angles or fences to with 0.01°. The zero point is set with the simple push of a button. Four rare earth magnets (two on each side) allow the Bevel Box to be used left or right. Because zero can be reset at any time, relative angle changes can also easily be measured. A terrific general shop tool.

See below for more information.
  • Tilt Range: 0-90°
  • Resolution: 0.05°
  • Accuracy: ±0.2°
  • Squareness: ±0.0005" (CNC machined body)
  • Battery: Standard 9V; Battery Life: approximitely 1 year.

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  • On Point

    Chuck, 4/20/2013 The Magnetic Bevel works better than I thought it would, I use it to set my Miter saw, and table saw. I use it to check alignment of the saw blades and to see how accurate the numbers on my miter is. Great tool and I highly recommend it produce for your tool box.
  • Magnetic Bevel Box

    Mark, 12/11/2010 This is a great device. I use to align Harley Davidsons. Also to check the front end rake on all motorcycles. It's small enough to attach to disc brake rotors for alignment and to front ends for rake. Good strong magnets and small size are a plus.
  • Tom's Right!

    Tool Guru, 4/17/2010 I agree with Tom. Also there is a version of this tool that works with button batteries. I hate those damn button batteries. Go with this 9V one.
  • Want an accurate angle on your saw blade?

    Tom Shehee, 2/24/2010 I've always been sceptical about measuring devices, especially on those used on table saws. But this one works to perfection!!! Make a cut, check the angle on the cut piece, and I think you'll be pleasantly suprised. Dead accurate!
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