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Magnetic Flex-Neck Work Lamps
$ 61.4
Each has a long flexible neck (Spot Lamp 15", Mag Lamp 9") and can run off either 2 AA batteries(not included) or plugged into a 115 V wall socket. And each has a strong magnetic flat base, and comes with a 4 x 5-1/2" steel mounting plate. The plate provides a sturdy movable base - the lamps will sit very firmly on the steel plate placed anywhere on a table surface. Or attach the steel plate to any horizontal or vertical surface for a permanent "home base". An adjustable steel clamp (max. clamp capacity 2-1/2") is also included which allows the lamp to be used practically anywhere. (See what we mean by flexibility?) You can even use the lamps under the hood for quick auto repairs.

The Spot Lamp has a strong 3 W LED output amplified by a 3/4" adjustable focus wide lens. It provides strong reliable light on any work surface.The Magnifying Lamp has a 3-1/2" diameter 3X magnifying lens surrounded by 14 LEDs that broadly light the entire surface you are looking at. Both lamps have great utility and are highly recommended.
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