Magnetic Flex-Neck Work Lamps

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Magnetic Flex-Neck Work Lamps
Two Exceptionally Versatile Work Lamps
Powered by either 115v or 2AA batteries
09A01.02 Magnifying Flex Lamp

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09A01.03 Spot Flex Lamp

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Each has a long flexible neck (Spot Lamp 15", Mag Lamp 9") and can run off either 2 AA batteries(not included) or plugged into a 115 V wall socket. And each has a strong magnetic flat base, and comes with a 4 x 5-1/2" steel mounting plate. The plate provides a sturdy movable base - the lamps will sit very firmly on the steel plate placed anywhere on a table surface. Or attach the steel plate to any horizontal or vertical surface for a permanent "home base". An adjustable steel clamp (max. clamp capacity 2-1/2") is also included which allows the lamp to be used practically anywhere. (See what we mean by flexibility?) You can even use the lamps under the hood for quick auto repairs.

The Spot Lamp has a strong 3 W LED output amplified by a 3/4" adjustable focus wide lens. It provides strong reliable light on any work surface.The Magnifying Lamp has a 3-1/2" diameter 3X magnifying lens surrounded by 14 LEDs that broadly light the entire surface you are looking at. Both lamps have great utility and are highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
  • Flex Lamp

    Jim, 4/19/2019 Excellent
  • magnetic lamp will travel

    Mark DeMichele, 12/9/2018 Love this lamp. Very helpful to a senior like myself to work with all the difficulty seeing smaller objects. Hands free use allows me to work easily and efficiently.
    the battery option is great.
  • flex Neck lamp

    bob abrams, 5/7/2018 my wife uses this everyday. she loves it, so, I love it too
  • Great lamp

    Curt Cooper, 11/19/2017 Excellent lamp hung from ceiling to project on a dartboard; works great light easily focused. Well made great looking portable easliy movable. The magnetic base is very handy. Highly recommended.
  • Magnetic Flex-Neck Work Lamp

    Aaron, 11/3/2017 This little light puts out a big beam right wear its needed. I’m impressed.
  • Great Product

    Galilea, 3/17/2017 The lamp, met my expectations. It is of very good quality and I arrive in time and form. I feel quite satisfied
  • Magnetic Flex-Neck Lamp

    David Breazeale, 3/12/2017 Purchased as a gift, sight unseen. Receipient attached it to his scroll saw bench, which was what I had in mind. But first, some minor surgery to remove a splinter. The splinter was extracted with ease. My gift was a hit.
  • Great product

    eof, 3/10/2017 I was looking for a magnetic desk lamp with decent magnification that was compact and easy to relocate. This product checks all those boxes and is of good quality to boot.
  • Magnetic Flex-Neck Work Lamps

    Steve, 1/30/2017 We love this light. It's size was just right and the light color and intensity is perfect.
  • Magnetic Flex-Neck Work Lamp

    Jane Styer, 11/6/2016 Perfect solution to a problem. My husband appreciates the engineering and quality of the light. The added ability to focus the light was a surprise and, what makes the light an excellent product.
  • Excellent lam

    Andy Sharpe, 9/2/2016 I have been looking for a clip on light. I have had several clip on lights. This is the best one I have ever owned. I use it for a reading lamp and it does a great job.
  • Great tool

    I D Mahood , 3/5/2016 Excellent construction and quality. Works great on either workbench or desk.
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