Magnetic Vise Jaws

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Magnetic Vise Jaws
increases your vises usefulness by over 300%
05R10.04 4" Shop Vise Jaws

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05R10.05 5" Shop Vise Jaws

In stock


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Super charge it by adding our jaws to any vise with 4" or 5" jaws (the most common sizes). These superb supplementary pieces will revolutionize what your Vise can do. Made of nicely finished, machined aluminum with fitted magnetic inserts. The set contains 6 pieces (3 pairs), giving you three new gripping surfaces: 2 non-marring smooth aluminum Jaws; 2 machined recesses (to securely grip pipe and other round objects on either axis); and 2 with rubber-faced surface (to provide for softer gripping). The modest cost of these 3 pairs of supplementary Jaws will be effectively paid for the first time you use them. You'll be glad you have them. Special Jaws shown mounted on two Garrett Wade vises. Very highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
  • Yeah, these are worth the price. I have used only one of the sets, but these beat anything you can spend hours making. You wont be disappointed. Maybe if you didn't order them with the vice, but otherwise you won't.

    Doug A., 3/23/2020 Add versatility to the Ultimate Versatile Vise

    Kevin Loving, 1/28/2020 I wish it had come with jaws attached (I bought the magnetic set). I will say this is the most ADJUSTABLE vise I have ever owned! The quality seems good and I look forward to many years of service from this vise. This has been my first purchase from Garrett Wade, overall I am pleased.
  • Truly, the "Best Scraper"!!!

    Louie, 1/11/2020 Best "scraper" that I have ever used. Easy to control and use efficiently and effectively.
  • No More Slippage!!!

    Louie, 1/11/2020 I ordered the 5" set of "Magnetic Vice Grips" and they are great. If I was working on a pipe or 1 1/2 " dowel, I would wrap it with a couple of "Shop Rags" and tighten it in the vise to work on it. I would have to reset it in the vise a number of times to complete my task.
  • Protect Your Work Piece

    Leon Goldstein, 2/2/2019 These are very nicely made. The magnets are not that powerful but are adequate. The rubber-faced jaw inserts will probably be the most useful; worth getting the set just for them.
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